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The E-health sector in India has been unable to provide a comprehensive source of health information on the internet. Sachin Garg has understood the potential and filled the deficiency with, an offering from Headway Technologies. The site intends to provide detailed information on health subjects on managing  individual, plus family healthcare and more.YourStory learnt more from Sachin on how he plans to revamp and provide access to better health information through his

What does your company do in the healthcare sector? is a leading provider of health information services to individuals, corporates, healthcare professionals & health insurance companies through our public and private online portals and health focused publications. Our services provide detailed information on a particular condition or disease, managing individual and family healthcare information, assessing their personal health status and enabling a consumer to arrive at quick and improved decisions around their health and wellness.

We provide periodic newsletters, alerts on topics of individual interests, online programs for healthy living, weight management and participation in online communities. A platform for consumers to discuss their medical condition with experts and peers to obtain more treatment options and medicinal information. The visitors to the portal can search for a hospital or a doctor, any other medical emergency service and have access to online health risk assessment and health tools. We also provide a “MY Health” card which aims to reduce health expenditure by offering discounts at hospitals & pharmacies. Our “health record express” service aims to ease the process of storing health records  through which a patient can access his/her medical history from anywhere and share it with a registered practitioner.

How does your portal remain free yet effective?

The public portal is where a consumer can access information and tools on the portal at no cost and maintain a health record. We connect doctors, patients, hospitals and traders in completing their business needs. Providing answers to health services, as basic as a diet chart to an air ambulance service. We also have tie ups with hospitals and pharmacies which offers a discount to the users of the “My Health” card.

Tell us about your target audience and the users who access your services?

We have 25000 – 30000 visitors and over 50000 registered members on the portal. Our panel of doctors and consultants answer 5000 – 7000 queries on a monthly basis around  basic to chronic health conditions, sleep management, depression, child health, weight loss and more. We aim to provide services to individuals with serious medical condition to fitness and wellness enthusiasts. We would like to instill a consciousness about healthy living in India.

What services do you provide to your corporate clients?

We target corporate clients in IT and financial domain with an employee strength of 250 by implementing employee wellness programs. We create a dedicated online health portal where they have access to health resources and a financial planner to track medical expenses. Monthly visits are scheduled by doctors to deal with stress management, behavioral and family health issues. The age of the employees range from 23-58 years, packages are customized for the employees based on their age group.

What features are you introducing in order to expand?

Our aim is to increase the segment looking for a specific medical condition. Implementing drug reviews, develop online clinics pertaining to different diseases. Introduction of more tools which can help an individual to assess their health status. We have set up a office in Hyderabad apart from our presence in NCR and plan to scale up to Bangalore. These cities have a high number of corporates and are ideal for our business needs.

Was it always your dream to become an entrepreneur?

It was my childhood dream to become an entrepreneur, coming from a middle class family I had to take care of my responsibilities towards my family before I could pursue my dreams. I did not see anybody providing such a comprehensive service on E- healthcare in India and decided to pursue my dream after a 7 year stint in the corporate world.

What Challenges have you faced with

Most of the challenge came around capital, the service that we are providing needs  highly skilled professionals to work with us who also come at a high cost.

Though the internet penetration is increasing there is a lack of consumers who check for health information online and we hope to create awareness around it.

What is on your to do list at for 2011?

We are looking to add 20 clients and revamp our website. Planning to launch phone communication, online health scans, webinars, videos, slideshows, Immunization and vaccination management and bring in more tools in order to enable a better experience for managing personal health. We also plan to increase our tie ups with hospitals & pharma companies and want to be in a position to cater to any information on personal health.

YourStory wishes Sachin Garg the founder of Headway Technologies good fortune and success with To get your own dose of healthcare information visit


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