Student Entrepreneurs Shining at Kairos Global Summit 2011


The Kairos Global Summit 2011, taking place February 25 and 26 in New York, USA, is bringing together 350 of the most innovative and entrepreneurial students from the United States, China, India, and Europe to meet 150 of the world’s most influential and globally impactful leaders. Over the course of two days, these current and future world leaders will gather at the United Nations and New York Stock Exchange to explore humanity's most pressing challenges and develop sustainable and entrepreneurial solutions to these problems.Kairos Society sees India as a vital player in the world economy, and Indian entrepreneurs, both at home and abroad, as a driving force of innovation and enterprise. What has long distinguished India from the other emerging economies of Asia is its openness and entrepreneurialism. The Society believes that spirit of openness is the key to global collaboration, which will create tremendous value in the future. The Kairos Society seeks to foster that spirit and create the economic ties between countries that will accelerate innovation and ensure a more prosperous future for all.

16 young entrepreneurs from colleges like IIT Guwahati, BITS Pilani and its campuses, VIT Vellore and many more have been selected as Kairos Global Fellows who will be attending the summit as a part of the Indian delegation. These future leaders would be meeting other young entrepreneurs from China, Europe, USA, and special guests from Saudi Arabia, Mexico etc to share their experiences and learn from each other. Businesses like Tree Heir, co-founded by Rishabh Ladha of VIT Vellore will be exhibited at New York Stock Exchange as a part of one of the 50 innovative start-ups that are working to change the world.

It is extremely surprising to see what these undergraduate students have achieved at such small age. Start-ups like Workshop India by Arun Agarwal from VIT Vellore are addressing the need of low cost practical knowledge for theory-preaching schools in India and have reached large number of schools by conducting more than 100 workshops. Gurukul, co-founded by Anshul Pachouri of Jaypee, Noida has developed a web portal which will disseminate professional courses online for those who could not get formal education. Sujoy Choudhary of BITS Pilani has started Kairos Services which provides low cost computers to the impoverished schools by connecting them to the companies who discard their systems after a stipulated period. Anshul Gupta of IIT Delhi has designed a patient transfer device which can reduce the man handling and make the whole process more comfortable. Priyanka Botny of SBM Jain College, Bangalore has started WE.E which is implementing new technologies to improve the life of rural communities. Though every Kairos Fellow has a unique way of looking at the existing problems, they all share the same vision of a better and sustainable world.

As Hemant Sahal, Chair of Kairos Society – India says “The vision behind selecting these young aspiring entrepreneurs is not to invest in their ideas but to invest in the people they are and will become in future. We are building an army of young leaders who see the world’s most crucial problems as an opportunity and want to address them with their businesses. There is no doubt that they will”.


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