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Yoono is a social app that lets users view and interact with their real time social streams from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and others all in one place. It is available as a Desktop app, browser add-on (Firefox and Chrome), Chrome web app, and iPhone/iPad app and is the #1 downloaded social networking add-on for Firefox with over 6 million downloads to date. Todd Pringle is the COO at Yoono and manages Product, Marketing and Business Development for Yoono from its San Francisco office. Todd answers a few questions about Yoono.How can people use Yoono ?

Yoono helps users simplify their online social life by integrating all their social networks and IM services in one easy to use application. It enables users to see all their friend updates across services like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in on place, update their status or share links, images, or video across all of their networks simultaneously. Yoono's apps support a variety of platforms - standalone desktop, browser add-ons and mobile versions to enable users to manage their social stream wherever they want to.

What makes Yoono different from other social media tools

Originally conceived as a discovery tool (think StumbleUpon), Yoono developed robust recommendation technology before recognizing that discovery engines work best when they are a layer on top of another user activity, in this case social. As one of the first social aggregation apps, Yoono became the most popular social networking add-on for Firefox and from there broadened the offering to support other platforms. The recommendation technology is currently being leveraged to build a feature called Socialzine, currently in private beta, that transforms the social stream into a beautiful magazine style format that highlights the content being shared in your stream that is often hidden behind shortened URLs. The recommendation technology will be applied to this magazine to surface the most relevant content to the user. This technology is highly differentiated from competitors.

Your business model

Historically Yoono's focus has been on building a user base rather than monetization. We've recently begun to monetize the app via a freemium model on mobile which we will also eventually use on other platforms. Free versions are monetized through in-stream ads which perform very well versus regular banner ads - we expect that format to gain broad traction and adoption in the next 12 months. We also see very powerful and interesting advertising possibilities within the social magazine (called Socialzine in our app) format - think about full "page" interactive ad formats as you flip through your magazine.

Growth plans

We've signed a major distribution deal for 2011 and have another in the pipeline in order to scale our user base now that we feel that we have a great product that users love and want to get it in the hands of many more. We'll also continue to expand platform support to include a web version of the product as well as additional mobile operating systems such as Android.

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