Business Idea : Airpush - A mobile ad network based around the push notification ad


Push notification ads are text ads pushed to the notification tray of Android devices. Unlike traditional mobile ads, these ads are not placed inside apps.When users click the ad, the destination URL is loaded in a browser window.Airpush is a mobile ad network based around an innovative ad unit - the push notification ad.Developers add the Airpush client SDK in their Android app, which consists of an ultra-lightweight JAR file like most mobile ad networks. When executed once from the main activity of an Android application, the Airpush client utilizes Android OS's AlarmManager framework to schedule ongoing server polling events a few times per day. If an ad is polled from the server it is cached until optimal display time, which is algorithmically determined by the server.

Airpush ads are priced by cost-per-click (CPC). Each push notification ad is an impression. You set a CPC bid and daily budget for your campaign.

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