Business Idea : Tokii - World’s first Relationship Management Platform


On March 11, 2011 Tokii launched the world’s first Relationship Management Platform – RMP—a Web and mobile social platform specifically designed to enrich and strengthen all types of relationships through interactive games, quizzes and of course, trading.Tokii is the social network that turns relationship 'work' into play. Tokii learned that consumers, especially couples, are willing to pay for a fun and entertaining way to proactively improve their relationship. Their website reads "Facebook lets you count friends, but Tokii helps you be a better friend."

Some of the online tools and games include:

* LoveZones - Instantly discover and share how you like to be loved

* MoodMeter - Give your partner a heads-up on your headspace

* TradingPost - Get what you want and give them what they need

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