Listen to the stories of people living with visual impairment at Inclusive Stories!


Have you ever thought about what inspired you to take the most difficult decision in your life?Think about it and you will realize that it's the stories of people that you have met or heard of that serve as the strongest source of inspiration! Stories of our parents, role models, and people that we admire!

Inclusive Planet is a social web for the visually impaired. It occurred to them - why not use Inclusive Planet to bring together stories told by visually impaired people? There are so many strong and amazing visually challenged people who have achieved so much in their lives! Why not encourage them to share their stories with the world? They decided to ask their members to talk about the challenges that they have faced in life, education, or while looking for employment, about their aspirations and advice they can give to others.

They started creating short videos of people telling their stories and now have some amazing stories to share with you! You can listen to the first 9 stories on the Inclusive Stories page. And every week they will upload more and more inspiring stories, so you can just subscribe to the channel to stay updated.

Don't forget to share the link with your friends and family! You never know the impact one short email from you can have on another person! They need YOUR help to reach out to more visually impaired people.

Read more about Inclusive Planet: is a website which persons with visual impairment can easily use to share accessible content and relevant information, to interact socially, and in the process, realise the greater vision i.e. to create a unique online community that can create multiple community-based solutions beyond content and social interaction.

Community based solutions are the answer to the problems of print-impaired persons the world over; and we seek to build a powerful social web for the print-impaired that can generate and facilitate the sharing of these solutions.

Inclusive Planet was launched in November 2009 and currently has 5100 members from over 100 countries, of whom more than 3000 are from India. Importantly the 5100 members have shared 20000+ files of accessible content, started 300+ topical channels, had 40000+ conversations and put up over 110000+ posts.


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