Mobile Apps Conclave, Bangalore: Calling all mobile app developers for the opportunity of the year!


40% off for all YourStory readers!

The Mobile Apps Conclave, organized by CellStrat, is happening on the 29th of April 2011 at The Chancery Pavilion Hotel in Bangalore. And CellStrat is offering a 40% discount for all YourStory readers. To avail of this offer, click here to register and use the discount code "yourstory" (without the quotes).

But why should you attend the Mobile Apps Conclave?

Speaking about the mobile revolution that is currently underway, Vishal Singhal, CMO, CellStrat, says, "Mobile is the industry of this decade. Mobile has taken world by storm. The feature phone growth is fast evolving into smartphone growth driven by the emergence and popularity of the mobile web and those tiny ubiquitous "apps" - hundreds of thousands of them literally. The mobile web is upending so many industries, it is breathtaking to say the least. Many of these businesses are succumbing to the trend which the venerable firm Apple started - businesses like news and media, advertising, gaming, productivity, publishing, telecom, entertainment, commerce, financial services or healthcare..the list goes on and on. Whoever you are, whereever you are - either have an app and a mobile media strategy or be prepared to loose substantial traction in the marketplace - because, indeed, your customers are app savvy even if you are not.

You are on the road and want to check nearby promotions, there are many apps for that; you want to track your supply chain, many apps for that too; track social network updates; many apps there as well; there is even an app for confessing to God. Apps are orchestrating the growth in intelligent smartphones; the next playground is in tablets followed by computers. Are you ready for the brave new world of mobile and mobile tablets? That's the question."

If you aren't convinced yet, a peek into the star-studded lineup of speakers should help you change your mind.

Speakers :

*    Sridhar Ranganathan, Vice President - Product Management, InMobi

*    Rajiv Kumar, CEO and Founder, RockeTalk

*   Pratapa Bernard, Vice President & Head - COE, Data Services (Emerging Markets), Vodafone

*    Sanjay Swamy, Founder & Chairman, ZipDial and ex-CEO, mChek

*    Sunny Rao, MD - APAC and India, Nuance Communications

*   Sandeep Sawhney, Chief Product & Innovation Officer, Aircel

*   Mohit Rampal, MD South Asia, Motricity

*    Vijay Shekhar Sharma, CEO, One97 Communications

*   Deepak Swamy, Head - Flypp Marketplace & Associate Vice President, Infosys

*   Vikram Tanna, Vice President, STAR Digital (Internet & Wireless), STAR India

*   Badri Sanjeevi, COO, Mauj Mobile

*    Salil Bhargava, CEO - Jump Games, Reliance BIG Entertainment

*   Rajesh T. S. Reddy, CEO & Co-Founder, July Systems

*   Prabha Aithal, CTO, CanvasM

*   Sanjay Bhasin, VP - Products, Getit Info Services India (Ex-eBay, USA)

*   Viswanath Poosala, Head of Bell Labs - India, Alcatel-Lucent

*   Anagat Pareek, Vice President - Mobile Lifestyle Solutions, Comviva

*   Kalyan Manyam, Founder & CEO, MojoStreet (formerly Co-Founder, Indyarocks)

*   Ashish Gupta, Managing Director, Helion Advisors

*    Alok Mittal, Managing Director, Canaan Partners

*    Vishal Singhal, CMO, CellStrat

*  Pradeep Rao, India Head (Relationships & Solutions), Research In Motion (RIM)

So, if you're a media/marketing leader, a technology executive, a brand manager, a developer, an evangelist, an innovator or a part of senior management, come be a part of this focussed event to ride the wave of the mobile app revolution! YourStory has learnt that the event is likely to be fertile ground for networking. With thought leaders in the mobile space congregating at the Conclave, it is likely to be a fantastic opportunity for startups in the mobile space and developers looking at turning entrepreneurs. Click here to know more about CellStrat's Mobile Apps Conclave!


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