Symphony Services Unveils Enterprise Mobility Solution for Software Makers


Symphony Services today announced the industry’s first integrated Enterprise Mobility solution architected specifically to help software makers conceptualize, productize and commercialize rich, cross-platform mobile application experiences.Software manufacturers face a number of key challenges today in embracing a growing mobile workforce, bringing new mobile applications to market in a timely fashion, and delivering a consistent, compelling subscriber experience across a wide range of connected devices. Symphony’s innovative approach to enterprise mobility, delivered via an outcome-based engagement model, ensures a rich mobile user experience, reduces testing and other commercialization complexity, shortens time to market and reduces the overall costs of mobilizing applications.

According to Mukesh Dialani, Research Manager, IDC, software companies are facing increased pressure from their customers to rapidly deploy mobile versions of their software products. Said Dialani, “This global trend necessitates that the mobile versions of software products provide a compelling user experience, scalability and reliability coupled with the conflicting expectation of reducing time to market for these software products. This surge of emerging end customer demand provides an excellent opportunity for services vendors who have invested in building significant capability to infuse mobility and SaaS into software products.”

"With our proven expertise and leading mobility platform, we can enable businesses of all sizes to better respond to real-time business dynamics through cost-efficient, highly productive mobile applications and mobile services for all major device types,” said Terry Stepien, President, Sybase iAnywhere. “In Symphony we’ve found a partner with expertise in building mobile and SaaS-enabled software that meets the needs of our customers’ increasingly mobile workforce. Moreover, Symphony has proven its ability to work as a seamless extension of its clients’ internal R&D teams while significantly reducing the complexity and cost of developing innovative mobile software.”

The announcement of Symphony’s new solution coincides with skyrocketing remote workforces and mobile device diversity—including tablets and smart phones—that companies must harness to compete more effectively, better service their customers, drive new sales and advance workflow efficiencies in today’s global, distributed corporate environment. This has placed enormous pressure on software manufacturers to deliver compelling mobile experiences, including exceptional usability, performance, and reliability characteristics – at massive scale. According to industry analyst firm IDC, today’s mobile workforce has reached a staggering 1.1 billion people. And by 2013 it’s expected that 40 percent of the global workforce will be exclusively mobile.

“The pressure on software companies to deliver the highest performing enterprise-class mobile apps has never been stronger, and we intend to lead this space by achieving the fastest time to market for new apps combined with a clear strategy for ensuring customers can monetize them,” said Sunil Gupta, Senior Vice President and Mobility Service Line Head. “Our mobile offerings significantly accelerate the development, testing and deployment of mobile apps, with the laser focus on Outcome Certainty that Symphony has become known for."

Symphony’s Enterprise Mobility Solution: Industry’s First End-to-End Solution

Symphony’s Enterprise Mobility solution was architected specifically to help software makers reduce the time, cost and complexity of mobilizing software, while delivering an exceptional user experience. Now, for the first time, software manufactures can get assistance in each phase of the mobilization process, including strategy and design, back office integration, development and testing, and ongoing operations and optimization initiatives.

Symphony delivers end-to-end mobile enablement for software companies and enterprises alike via its comprehensive 4 step approach:

1.    Multi-tiered, 360 degree strategy and design service – Leveraging a rich history working with leading software providers and benefiting from extensive mobility engagements, Symphony’s specialists work with clients to develop a detailed, tailored mobility strategy. Recommendations are available across all aspects of the enterprise mobility ecosystem, from UIs and devices to visualization service, corporate systems and processes.

2.    SymMobTM enterprise mobility framework – Symphony has developed a set of software and services around its SymMob enterprise mobility framework to rapidly enhance and enable existing product lines and associated corporate systems in a non-disruptive manner for supporting mobile architectures. It provides an intuitive mechanism to specify business objects, their mappings, response generation and in the process dynamically generates RESTful Services that can be used by mobile end-points. This unique approach simplifies critical mobility challenges including device/application security, CRM enhancements and performance limitations due to data bandwidth requirements, quickly adapting clients existing systems to the quickly evolving mobile ecosystem.

3.    Cross-platform development and certification – Symphony delivers mobile application development and testing services via its platform/device-agnostic approach to mobile application engineering, resulting in highly innovative and strongly differentiated solutions that software companies can immediately deploy, across platforms like iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. A “Build Once – Deploy Many” approach via a library of pre-built mobile device templates enables rich, seamless cross-platform end-user experiences while reducing overall costs.

4.    End-to-end mobility management – Symphony provides ongoing application and device management services via a SaaS model to fully manage mobile applications and devices and the related corporate systems. Enterprise customers and software companies benefit from services like full configuration management, application and device management, policy management, security management as well as inventory and license management — relieving corporate IT and network managers to focus on other critical enterprise requirements.

To learn more about Symphony’s Mobility Enablement Services, please visit

About Symphony Services

Symphony Services is a leader in software product engineering services. The company’s innovative Engineering Outcome Certainty™ engagement model offers a strict metrics-driven approach, ensuring complete alignment with clients’ business objectives. This methodology is proven to help clients achieve a range of goals, from improving product line revenue to raising client satisfaction, increasing product innovations and reducing time-to-market.

The company’s 3,500 employees globally support over 1,200 product releases annually, helping clients drive unparalleled innovation while bringing predictability to costs, schedules and quality of the outsourced engineering process. Symphony Services’ capabilities across the full Product Development Lifecycle maximize the ROI for client engineering organizations while delivering market-leading products in Telecom, Healthcare, Energy, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Financial Services and Internet Commerce.

Symphony Services is headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., with facilities in North America, India, Europe and China. For more information, please visit


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