Unbxd: Easy search on Ecommerce sites


Pavan Sondur started his entrepreneurial journey after quitting his high paying job at NetApp. At Unbxd, he and co-founder Prashant work on providing a clutter free search interface for e-commerce sites. The search interface, “Unbxd Human Search”, as they call it, acts as a virtual sales person on e-commerce sites. The search offers auto-complete options and the search adapts itself depending on the way users perform search.They offer web and search analytics for e-commerce sites. “Our analytics inform the site owners about what kind of items are sold faster, what kind of products should be advertised, provides demo-graphical information about users and their purchase patters, etc. The value that search adds to any e-commerce site is immense. We are a technology product that helps solve all search problems for e-commerce sites.” says Pavan.

The team of four, based out of Bangalore, took about 7 months to develop the product. Currently, they are serving two US clients, one German client and a Hyderabad based startup.While talking about the challenges faced, Pavan says that, “In India, e-commerce sites do not value good UI or focus much on providing good experiences for their visitors. Convincing the old players to use Unbxd Human Search has been very difficult, but e-commerce is picking up really fast in India and there are a bunch of new guys building e-commerce sites. We see a lot of traction coming from them.”

Pavan claims that there is no other solution like Unbxd Human Search for the Indian market. Though Endica does something similar, while talking about differentiators, “E-commerce in itself is very fragmented, so developing something that fits into all platforms is a big problem. And we have succeeded in making our search interface any e-commerce platform agnostic, something which even Endica could not do” says Pavan.

Hope Entrepreneur Pavan succeeds in improving the search experience for users on e-commerce sites. If this works well, the market they get to tap into is pretty huge!

Do check out http://www.unbxd.com/ and tell us what you think about the idea.


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