YourStory in conversation with entrepreneur Vishesh Khurana, co-founder of Mobiz Infotech, a startup in the mobile app development space


If someone asked you to tell them about Mobiz Infotech in about 50 words, what would you say?

Mobiz Infotech is an enterprise mobility and cloud computing consulting organization. We understand business processes very well and bring mobility to those processes, in order to reduce turnaround time.

How is Mobiz Infotech different from other firms with mobile app development capabilities?

Mobiz infotech has a partner network of app developers with whom we have signed agreements. We have more than 40+ partners across India and that gives us the flexibility to choose vendors as per the project requirement and on the basis of previous projects handled by the vendor. This ensures quality and cost reduction. In addition to that, this model also raises our development capability to 40 times of what would be possible.

How did the business idea for Mobiz Infotech come about? How much capital was required to start the company?

The business idea evolved organically based on the increasing demand for mobile applications. There was also market research that pointed to a lacuna in customer service by mobile app development companies. That was when Mobiz Infotech was established, with the aim of serving as a customer service bridge between developers and users. The initial capital invested was Rs.200,000, after which the company has managed to roll on by itself.

Tell us about your background.

Abhishek Sekri, my co-founder, is a serial entrepreneur who has been in design and creative industries for more than 15 years. I’m a young entrepreneur who believed in the venture so much that I dropped out of college in the last moment. Today, I handle all the operations at Mobiz.Can you share with us the names of some of your clients? Also, where do you see the mobile apps space and Mobiz Infotech five years from now?

ITC, Fiat, Coke India and Lufthansa are some of our clients. And things are looking very buoyant for the mobile apps business. Analysts predict that it would be an industry worth $38billion by 2015. Now, that’s a big pie and Mobiz is looking at cornering the largest part of that market.

What is Mobiz Infotech's revenue model?

Mobiz has a number of revenue models and it varies from client to client. But broadly, they fall into the following categories:

-         One-time development charges

-         Marketing of application, charged on per download basis

-         Consultation fees

As an entrepreneur, what are your joys? What are the challenges?

As an entrepreneur, the biggest joy is when you receive recognition for your venture. When you’re respected for what you’ve built, it’s a matchless feeling. And this is all possible only if you’re absolutely proud of your venture.

There are a number of challenges in the mobile app development business. There’s a lot of undercutting leading to a price war of sorts. Also, coordinating with multiple vendors can also be taxing as your deliveries start depending on theirs.

How big is the Mobiz Infotech team? Let us know about your expansion plans.

Mobiz has a team of 15 people right now. We are planning to have a sales partner in each state of India and then, move global by setting up a separate sales team.

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