All set for TechSparks 2011 Regional Round Table Delhi


The summer in Delhi is not any different from other parts of the country. Scorching sun, sweating bodies, and yearning for water makes life miserable. That’s why we have come up with a cool event inside the Delhi IIT campus. As you walk in, you can feel the gentle breeze of the line of trees inside the sprawling campus to give you warmth. The geeky minds are sure to get excited as they step inside the hall. Geeks build great products that sometimes makes a dent in the universe (iPad, iPod, iPhone) or a mass market consumerist software (Microsoft) but none of them have come from India thus far. Indian geekiness is world famous but what do we lack when we build our own products? India is a huge market and anything under the sun will sell here, as the consumption is for a billion-hungry population. 

Go-to-market strategies are weak in the geeky armour of building a great company around a software product. Add to that the newest trends that are likely to shake the tech domain – mobile VAS, cloud computing, Web 2.0 – it can’t get bigger than this. TechSparks 2011 is designed to delight entrepreneurs in these domains and make them think big.

Our lineup for Delhi is an assorted array of intelligent minds and expertise at its mercurial best. The Micromax story is worthy of celebration. It’s not the matter of how great your product is but how big you think. What has given Micromax the confidence to bet on the Indian customer and dent the space occupied by a global giant Nokia? Keep ears to the customer, adopt technology’s latest, and supply products at an affordable price. An awesome combination backed by a phenomenal supply chain. Hear Rahul Sharma, executive director and cofounder of Micromax, present the Micromax story at the keynote.

Then the experts take over. Four of them who have contributed significantly to thought leadership as well as growing companies – Vijay Shekar Sharma of One97, Vivek Agarwal of English Edge, Mohit Bhatnagar of Sequoia, Rita Soni of NASSCOM Foundation – will take you through the go-to-market strategies. How to get your product out of the garage and into the market? The panel discussion will be moderated by Shradha, founder of

Now comes your turn. The choicest 100 who will be present at the Round Table to brainstorm with the experts. What bothers you, what you lack, what you want to hear, and where you want to go – the experts are available to answer all your queries. YourStory is the bridge for your success. YourStory can’t pump in millions of dollars into your product but can pump in a million ideas that can generate million dollars. Thought leadership and discussions are the starting points of thinking big and making big. It all starts with with sounding boards and testing and validating your assumptions. If you understand how biggies have made it big, the tactics that experts have employed, you breathe fresh air into your business and scale it.

So, here we go! Welcome to the first Regional Round Table at Delhi as part of TechSparks 2011.

--Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy, chief evangelist