Chennai based Ventuno Technolgies (P) Ltd. providing Integrated Online Video Solutions

Ventuno video platform helps a publisher to video enable his/her website by providing content, infrastructure, and monetization. Broadly the offerings of Ventuno can be categorised as below -

Content Distribution (VideoBlast) - Enable Distribution of content across domains or through Ventuno's publisher network, which includes leading online media properties, social networking sites, and video search engines.

Online Video Platform (VideoWorks) - Video content management and publishing platform to video enable publishers's websites. Easily organize, customize, publish, distribute, analyze and monetize your video assets.

Monetize Ad Inventory (VideoConnect) - An Ad Plugin which integrates easily to with publishers's Video Player for providing network ads. VideoConnect also enables publishers to leverage Ventuno's comprehensive ad server to deploy ads sourced by publishers direct ad sales team.

Publish Videos (VideoView) - With an extensive media library of over 50,000 videos across multiple content channels publishers can source videos from Ventuno for their websites