Entrepreneur Cyril Crasto on his venture, Cradiant, an IT services company specializing in Oracle EBS

Team YS
18th May 2011
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Cyril, give us a quick introduction to Cradiant.Cradiant is an IT company specializing in Oracle Applications eBusiness suite services. We offer complete end-to-end solutions to our customers namely, consulting, resourcing, support and training.

Tell us about your background.

I have about 20 years of IT industry experience. I started my career by teaching IT subjects at Aptech RO Pune. Then, I moved to a startup offering Oracle EBS services. After that stint, I joined an iGate group company and was handling sales, business development and key account management. I was heading the training group before venturing out on my own.

Eventually, I started Cradiant, a company specializing in Oracle EBS, along with my brothers. I am a first generation entrepreneur and I’m currently pursuing my Ph.D. in ’Entrepreneurial Marketing in IT Startups in Pune’ from the University of Pune.

How did the business idea for Cradiant come about?

We always wanted to start our own IT company. It was about time, after the experience and knowledge gained, that we decided to venture out and be on our own. Our expertise was in Oracle EBS, selling the services as well as delivering solutions upon it. Our integrity, simplicity and transparency along with the large network of friends and well wishers made us confident and the efforts are paying off now.

But how is Cradiant different from other IT services firms offering Oracle solutions?

Cradiant offers complete end-to-end solutions in Oracle EBS. Our team comprises of domain experts in respective fields having vast industry exposure, having handled numerous Oracle EBS implementations in their careers.

Our consulting solutions are widely being accepted by customers due to our flexibility and ‘partnership’ approach in meeting our customer needs. We believe in sharing knowledge and work along with customer teams and enrich their experience in using the Oracle EBS system. Proper documentation of tasks achieved and an analysis of what more can be achieved using the same system is what we offer in all our projects. We go and deliver beyond the signed SLAs.

Let us know about the tie-ups that you have. Is there acceptance for your concept?

Cradiant is an Oracle OPN Gold Partner. We get technical and functional support on the Oracle EBS product suite from Oracle. We have partnered with leading providers of specific core skills in related areas where we do not have expertise. This combination of offering joint services to the customer has given good results and built in confidence in the customer. Being a one-stop-shop for Oracle EBS services helps our customers to derive the best from our team.

Our first customer gave us some new reports development work in Oracle EBS. After successfully delivering the same, on time and within budget, they gave us few more assignments. We solved some complex problems in record time as it was a challenge for us to prove our mettle. Our team worked together with the customer and achieved the desired results and received appreciation from the customer. Now, we have even bagged an international project due to our teamwork and focussed customer commitment.


Where do you see Oracle apps/services and Cradiant five years from now?The future is bright in Oracle EBS services. We foresee more specialized services will be required by customers shortly - new module implementations, rollouts, re-implementations and upgrades to newer versions are some services that we will focus upon.

Integrations with Oracle Fusion will also be a key offering. Cradiant aspires to be one of the leading Oracle EBS service providers globally.

What is Cradiant’s revenue model? How much capital was required to start the company?

We undertake fixed-price large turnkey projects as well as offer annual maintenance contracts paid monthly. We also deliver one-time solutions for specific customer requirements.

We raised the required capital to start up from our family itself and did not go in for bank loans, etc. Each of the three brothers in the family contributed about Rs. 5 lakhs and set the company rolling.

What are the challenges that you faced at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey? How did you overcome those challenges?

Initially, there were very few customers opting for our services, as we did not have brand recall and no success stories to show. It was luck and good timing that on commencing our business, we got a reference from an old friend looking for similar services for their company.

Our first customer had a pressing need to get customized activities to be done in a very short time. Our team took up the challenge and delivered the solution successfully in the allotted time. This gave us tremendous confidence that we can handle similar large assignments and signed up with same customer to deliver 8 more customized solutions. We thus started with one customer and went on to get more through word of mouth.

What are the trends that you’re noticing with respect to outsourcing of IT initiatives?

We believe that it’s better to offload the entire ERP management to one vendor for the functional and technical support, database support and users training. There are many benefits to the customer – efficient vendor management, saves costs and increases productivity.

Customers are offloading their IT systems management to qualified vendors due to the expertise available externally and cost-effective innovative solutions offered. This trend is likely to increase as more and more customers are focussing on core business issues than managing internal IT systems.

How big is the team behind Cradiant? Are you looking at hiring?

We are 10 people in our team now. We have a technical and a functional Project manager in place along with other consultants and database administrators. Each team member has lots of domain knowledge and exceptional Oracle EBS skills. The management team comprises of two fulltime directors – one handles the business development and the other looks after all deliveries. We are looking to hire good talent and grow in headcount in next few months as we expect few projects coming our way.

Let us know about your plans to expand and scale.

We are now getting assignments from the Gulf as well as from APAC regions. We intend to focus on these markets currently and replicate our success. We are in talks with local companies in these locations to partner together and jointly offer Oracle EBS solutions in these markets. Collaboration is here and happening. It is our dream to open our US office and it will be achieved in due course of time.

We at YourStory wish Cyril and the entire team at Cradiant all the very best. To know more, check out www.cradiant.com. Also, do share with us your thoughts on this story by writing to us at feedback@yourstory.in.

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