Indian Sites Produce 18% of Online Conversations on “startups”


It is natural for a country of 1.15 billion people to take 18% of the share, when India’s share of World population is at that range.

But take these statistics into account. India has slightly over 100m internet users. It’s third largest in the World after China and US. China has over 600 million and US over 250 million. It is also important to note that penetration of broadband in India (less than 1%) is amongst the lowest in the World and majority of Indian internet users’ access once or twice a month. Home Internet penetration in countries like South Korea, Japan and United States is more than 70%.

Here are some very interesting observations found regarding the discussion about ‘startups’ in Social Media and other online channels. The data is collected using Google

  1. Indian sites Produces 18% of Online Conversations on “startups”

When looked at the entire web conversations happening on start-ups, it is found that 18% percentage of these talks has happened in Indian sites.

If a user talks about start-ups in Twitter or Facebook from India, it is not counted in India. It goes to the Global account as the talks appear in US based site.

2. Most start-ups conversation on Social Media Happens in Quora and LinkedIn; surprisingly enough not in Twitter and Facebook. This is Global Data.

Some people claim that Quora is Twitter killer, and many just refute it. The reality is that when we consider the talks on startups, Quora rules. In the count of mentions in the four main Social Networking sites, Quora has the maximum followed by LinkedIn. Twitter and Facebook, no not the too close!

3. Startups are mostly discussed in blogs, and most discussion happen using images.

Would you be surprised if I say that when people talk about start-ups, they talk through images? But this is true. Most ‘startups’ mentions are found in images and blogs followed by discussion forums.

4. Indians are Good at Blogging and they write on startups

In terms of ‘startups’ mentions on the web, India has the biggest percentage in blogs. This might be because Indians do own more blogs and write frequently. It could also be because of India’s current stage when country is growing at a fast rate and there are enough blog articles on ‘starups’.

5. In India, Most ‘startups’ Mentions come from Blogs followed by Images

If we just consider Indian sites, most of the ‘startups’ mentions come from blogs and images. There is good number of discussion happening on discussion forums, and these three mediums cover over 90% of the talks.

Ending Thoughts

This is interesting. These data shows that Quora is growing and is becoming a real competition to Twitter and Facebook. And India is the country of bloggers and startups. The nation has lots of startups and they are worth discussing, and it will be interesting to see if how of these startups become the Global biggies going ahead. Go India Go.

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