Jaaga Media Center hosts “Animation Talks”! On Friday 13th May at 7PM


Hannes Wagner and Arjun Gupte are going to talk about and give insights into the future of Animation with working with FullDome and Xbox technologies.As an exciting edition, Micky Remann, the Founder of the famous FullDome Festival, from Jena, Germany, is going to interact with the audience during the live linked session at the event!

Here are briefs on the talks;Title of the Talk: FullDome Futures in Animation

Bio of Presenter: Hannes Wagner is an M.F.A. in Media-producing at Bauhaus University, Weimar. He has worked as a Producer, Director for (Student) - Productions in Animation and Full-dome for 5 years. He primarily works in After Effects 2D Animation, Stop Motion and Visual Effects. He is an Award Winner at FullDome Festival Jena. 

Short Description of the Presentation:

FullDome is the new animation Medium of the Future. It gives you an endless space, because your movie can be all around you and it gives the audience the Feeling of Movement without any real Movement or special 3D Glasses needed. Since it is a new medium there is still much to discover, new ideas to test, new markets to develop.

Title of the Talk: Art Direction for XBox

Bio of Presenter: Arun Gupte is animation director with extensive experience in creating content for film, TV and games. He has worked for Jim Henson Studios,Warner Bros. and Sony on film and game projects. 

Short Description of the Presentation: Talk from the speaker will cover the process in creating pre-production art for XBox games with an emphasis on real world projects. Speaker will use slides and movies to illustrate their working processes including digital work flow.

Indian entrepreneurs I am sure have a lot to explore in this space! For more details check out http://www.jaaga.in/


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