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Pune based Entrepreneur Rajesh Savera on running a Ayurveda detox center

Team YS
19th May 2011
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Did you know you could detox yourself the Ayurveda way? Pune based entrepreneur, Dr Rajesh Savera, is encouraging people to live a detoxed life, for the benefit of you, me and the generations to come! He tells YourStory.in how and why.

Tell us about Mango Tree Clinic.

The criticality of lifestyle and nutrition can best be explained with the example of a mango tree. If we take the seed of a good mango tree and sow that seed in a fertile soil, giving it nutrients and water on a timely basis, it is very much likely that the tree will be as good as the mother tree. However, if the seed is sown in the soil near garbage or a drain, with no proper nutrients, the new generation of the tree will produce mangoes of a weaker grade or quality. Consider this, how different are we from plants and trees? We, as human beings, also bear seeds within us for our next generation. The lifestyle we live, the things we eat, breathe, etc. are making us what we are and thereby we are most likely to give our next generation a weaker genetic combination so that they would be susceptible to various diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, etc. This may lead to eventually giving birth to children with diabetes as a congenital disease (from birth). Mango Tree Clinic is trying to address this issue.

Is this your first entrepreneurial venture?

Yes. However, I was actively involved in setting up Bookmark Library, India’s first chain of libraries for books, movies, games, toys and magazines, for which I was awarded the first runner up prize at Eureka 2010 –a Business Plan Competition organized by IIT Powai, Mumbai in association with Indian Angel Network.

What is the USP of Mango Tree Clinic?

Our USP is 100% safe Ayurvedic herbal treatment that is aimed at internal and external cleansing. Our medicines and supplements are easy to take, with no powders or decorations. When health companies are talking about curing and preventing, we talk about cleansing, that does both curing and preventing. This is what Ayurveda is all about.

Mango Tree Clinic Founder

What kind of clientele are you looking at? We are looking at urban population, primarily because of the lifestyle they lead. These may be aged between 2 year olds to senior citizens.

Is there any competition that you have to deal with?

We are a product of the competitive market, so of course there are competitors. Mango Tree Clinic is trying to gain an edge over the others in the wellness industry.

How do you fund this venture?

Mango Tree Clinic has so far been funded by self, family and friends.

What has been your biggest entrepreneurial challenge so far?

For me, the biggest challenge is to find the right workforce that can fit into the 'branches’ of the Mango Tree Clinic.

What’s the philosophy behind the name Mango Tree?

Preventive wellness – Ayurveda is the science of life and it tells us what is good and what is bad. Today, the quality of life is low in terms of health. Nature has vanished around us in urban areas, but it is through Mango Tree Clinic that I encourage everyone to re-connect with nature.

Tell us a little bit about your team.

My wife Swati Savera, M.Sc. Biochemistry, is my driving force. She helps extensively in the needed research. Apart from her, I have some staff members and a developing vendor network of suppliers and manufactures.

How are you promoting your venture?

I am promoting Mango Tree Clinic through local advertisements. Plans to organize detox camps, seminars, etc are also in the making.

What is your learning as an entrepreneur from your experience so far?

Focus on what you want to achieve. Any business model which can add value to the society, create jobs and at the same time make you happy is the business that will succeed.

What are your future plans?

The future plan is to expand Mango Tree Clinic with the franchisee model as well as launch OTC detox products, etc. I want to make Mango Tree Clinic a one of its kind chain of Ayurveda detox centers across India and globally too.

To keep your body free of toxins, reach out to the Mango Tree Clinic at www.mangotreeclinic.com and experience Ayurvedic Detox!

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