Secret of Success in Rahul Sharma’s (Executive Director and cofounder, Micromax ) Words


Quick fire round with Rahul Sharma, Executive Director and cofounder, Micromax

Rahul Sharma, cofounder, Micromax, was cynosure of all eyes as he walked into the Regional Round Table of TechSparks 2011 organized by YourStory and supported by Sequoia Capital, Google, Amazon, CNBC TV18 Young Turks, and Nasscom EMERGE Forum. YourStory’s chief evangelist Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy caught up with the man of the moment as he stepped out only to be mobbed for a quick take on what his worldview is about Micromax. Here it is for you what Rahul had to say.

1. Secret of Micromax success

Understanding the customer and fulfilling their needs

2. Scaling up

It wasn’t easy but we did it. Funding was initially difficult and later we were able to get through it too.

3. Amazing thing about working together

We, four of the cofounders, define our roles and take care of different areas of management. It’s great working together.

4. What comes to your mind when you think of the Indian mobile market

The fact that there are 700 million customers and its explosive growth.

5. You have overtaken the competition and what do you still admire about your competition?

We always keep an eye on products that our competitors develop and understand why the product is relevant to the customer. We learn from that too.

Image Courtesy : Micromax Delhi Bloggers' Meet Flickr Stream

This event is supported by Sequoia Capital , Amazon Web Services and Google this year in association with CNBC TV 18 Young Turks who are our TV partners


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