Social Media Entrepreneur and founder of Omllion, Asha Nair, On differentiating in this crowded space.


Tell us about Omllion.

Omllion is a social media management company, founded with an idea to easing the social media listening process for companies so as to enhance their business and strengthen online reputation. Intelligence about online conversations is critical, companies need to know what’s being said about their brand, industry and competitors online. So we built a listening platform designed to help companies do just that.

This space has now become very crowded, what is your market differentiator?

Omllion is India’s only social media management company which gives the solution for all social media phases which starts with the protection of URL to the ongoing process engaging the people online. Even though there are international competitors, Omllion provides the social media services at comparatively low price.

How did the idea for your startup come about? How much capital was required to implement the idea?

Being a curious social media user, I observed the ongoing trends very closely. I discovered that so much noise was being made about brand engagement. After 2 years of research on various social media phases and an initial investment of Rs 20 lakhs, Omllion came into existence with its social media monitoring tool.

Tell us about your background.

I come from a Finance and Business Administration background, putting together the financial nuances of this business wasn’t difficult. This ability combined with my passion for social media helped me to strategise smartly for Omllion.

Where do you see your start up five years from now?

5 years from now, I see Omllion having presence globally at least in 20-25 countries, acquiring 70% of Indian and 40% of International industry.

Have you been funded? Are you looking at raising funds?

Omllion is not yet funded by an investor. Trying to get funded by the venture capitalist.

As an entrepreneur, what are your joys? What are the challenges?

As an entrepreneur each moment I spend at my company, each achievement, each compliment thrown our way is reason for my joy. The biggest challenge that we face is educating Indian entrepreneurs and corporates about importance and relevance of social media.

How big is your team? Give us some info on team composition. Are you looking at hiring?

Omllion team contains the perfect blend of both energy and experience. The size is around 15-20 employees. Plan for expansion are on cards looking at the way our clients’ need are arising, which would automatically translate in to expanding our team too.

Anything else that you want tell us.

In a short span of 4 months Omllion as about 10-15 customers and the number is growing with each passing week. We cater to both: the clients directly and the agencies. We have many multinational clients on your list, apart from strong networks in India. Besides this, Omllion has a strong social media presence and is garnering tremendous response from each of its published content blogs, ebooks, presentations and articles. We have been able to establish this because of our sound social media monitoring of the industry.

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