Uniken Innovation Lecture Series


Much has been said and written about innovation in India over the past 15 years, but as a country we have precious little to show for it.Various government and private sector initiatives have been launched, multiple awards given out and a plethora of competitions held. Yet, these have not been sufficient in creating an innovation infrastructure in the country. There remain fundamental grass-root issues that need to be understood and solved.

We at Uniken believe innovation is a collaborative effort, and one needs a honest approach to confront the reality. In an attempt to develop the required mindset and provide talent an appropriate platform to connect with the industry, we have partnered with Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (IIM-Ahmedabad) to launch a national innovation & entrepreneurship network across campuses.

Under the aegis of this initiative, we are starting the "Uniken Innovation Lecture Series" in association with CIIE (IIM-A) with the objective of addressing the fundamental challenges faced by innovators in their effort towards innovation, and later the commercialization of that innovation.

Through a series of lectures, discussions and open forum conversations, we aim to take a ground zero view of the innovation and entrepreneurship scenario in our country. We plan to invite leading experts from the industry, academia (technical and management) and scientific community to share their views on critical topics and challenges related to innovation. The audience is expected to comprise mainly of engineering and management students, young working professionals and teachers from colleges and schools.

In this event, innovators will get an opportunity to present their ideas, products, services and plans, entrepreneurs will get a chance to present their ventures, academia to share their views and industry leaders can volunteer to be part of an exclusive 'Early Adopters Club' (or the first paying customers) of the various innovations and business ideas showcased. The R&D team from the Uniken Innovation Centre will also be showcasing their cutting-edge technologies and innovations at this event.


UNIKEN is a technology innovation and research organization with core specialization in the areas of Information Security and Biometrics, Energy Solutions, Control and Embedded Systems. The Uniken Innovation Center has developed cutting-edge technologies and has recently launched VPSI (Virtual Private Secure Internet) banking technology solution that has been deployed at most of the leading banks in India. Started in 2003 by senior professionals from Infosys, GE, TCS & Motorola. Uniken has launched a national Innovation Network with CIIE (IIM-A, a premier management institute in India), and runs Research Fellowship Program across campuses.