Video Consumption across Multiple Platforms presents multiple opportunties to start up in this space


Video Consumption is on the rise globally, what is interesting is that this consumption is across platform. We bring to you some highlights of this consumption to show how this is going to be an interesting area to watch out for. Below statistics are based on the Global Nielsen Report 2010.

Television: is a universally important platform for video consumption, with consumers in many markets now spending 4+ hours per day watching televisionHDTV (High-Definition TV): is improving the TV viewing experience for as many as 30% of global online consumers. Adoption is highest among older consumers and in North America, where HD content has proliferated.

Online Video: approximately 70% of global online consumers watch online video; but North Americans and Europeans lag in adoption. More than half of global online consumers watch online video in the workplace.

Mobile Video:is already used by 11% of global online consumers: penetration is highest in Asia-Pacific

and among consumers in their late 20s.

Tablet PCs:are expanding the definition of mobile video. Globally, 11% of online consumers already own or plan to purchase a tablet PC (such as an iPad) in the next year.

3DTV (Three-Dimensional TV): will have a small but important audience: 12% of global online consumers own or have definite intent to purchase a 3DTV in the next year.

"Over the Top" TV: televisions with Internet connections are gaining interest. About one in five (22%) global online consumers owns or has definite interest in buying a television with Internet connection in the next year.

Consumption of video across multiple platforms is now a global phenomenon: marketers and media companies should be leveraging all opportunities to capture consumer attention.

Amongst connected consumers, Asia Pacific, consumers still have a slight lead on the adoption of online and mobile video, but there appears to be less regional variation in cross-platform video adoption than many believe. Businesses can no longer assume that market lag will buy them time.

So far, tablet PCs and 3DTVs appeal to a small global audience: the importance of these affluent, cutting-edge audiences should be appreciated, but the influence of these technologies on near-term consumption of cross-platform video should not be overstated.

If interest translates to acquisition, TVs with Internet connections will make “Over the Top” consumption a more viable option for consumers, presenting new opportunities for marketers and media companies to interact with consumers from the television screen

Source : Nielsen Report