YourStory in conversation with entrepreneur Sharad Jain, President, FSL Software Technologies about on-demand CRM & ERP solutions


Sharad, tell us about FSL Software Technologies.

FSL Software Technologies is a software products and services company having in-depth commercial & business domain knowledge through its proficient management team, which collectively has more than 50 man years of experience. We are geared to deliver the technology-based competitive edge that translates into lower cost and enables you to reap maximum benefits from your business operations.

How is FSL Software Technologies different from other software solution providers?

FSL is at par with others. And as you’re aware, very few companies in India are into full-scale product development. The critical inputs that make FSL Software Technologies stand out among its competitors are extensive domain knowledge and stability. We have well-established infrastructure, debt-free financial depth and sound management skills to make this organization stay forever in the market. And in-house domain knowledge, understanding of the service industry, optimum utilization of resources, etc. makes us cost competitive.

What led to the business idea behind the company?

FSL is actually a 28-year old group, having extensive experience in management consultation, business process reviews, financial services, capital markets, mutual fund distribution and also, the varied skill-set to support a technical team for developing IT business solutions using its global delivery model.

In the year 2000, based on the expertise accumulated in various domains, we started its software operations by setting up the development centre in New Delhi, India. Since its inception, FSL has developed a number of established products and deployed 200+ tailor-made solutions in India as well as abroad.

FSL provides a wide spectrum of software engineering, consulting services, and a vast variety of services in technology areas for business, engineering & internet applications.

What is your most popular product?

The most popular product and service we have is the CRM solution, frontline SSM™, which has been serving customers all across India. We have more than 2500 users for our frontline SSM™ on-demand CRM solution.

Is there acceptance for your concept?

We sincerely believe so. In fact, we have recently entered into a Joint Venture with an Australian company. Moreover, we have tremendous acceptance for our concepts and solution in terms of ERP and CRM on an all-India basis and on the global scale.

We have over 200 clients and companies like Precision Testing Machines, Future Education Group, Tyco Fire & Security, Shakti Finance, AVL India, Techtronics India etc. are already using our solutions and are very happy customers.

Where do you see software development in India and FSL Software Technologies five years from now?

CRM is still a relatively new concept among mid-sized businesses. CRM awareness in the Indian market would clock in at about 13-15%. So, there’s a huge market that is waiting to be tapped. As per some research studies & analyst reports, the on-demand CRM market in India is currently at a very nascent stage, with a total market size of USD 16 -18 million. FSL has plans to cover the software development and solutions market in India and abroad by rigorously touching base with the untapped market. FSL shall be the top CRM & ERP solution provider at a premium price in five years to come.

How big is the FSL Software Technologies team? Are you looking at hiring?

FSL Software Technologies has a team strength of 70 people which includes the CRM division, ERP division and the project development division.

The CRM team consist of 40 trained technical and management people, while the ERP consists of 15 another 15. In addition, we also have 15 people under the project development division which involves the delivery heads, business analysts and the core development team. And yes, we are looking forward to hiring and expanding our business teams.

We are hiring on a regular basis (campus, walk-ins, recruitment drives) for the following openings – developers, business analysts, client servicing & product support executives, business development and marketing/corporate communication.

Let us know about your expansion plans.

FSL Software Technologies is looking forward to expand the business horizon with international tie- ups and presence in key global locations. Our presence in Melbourne (Australia) ensures that we always possess the latest technologies and methodologies to work on a global platform. serving the customers globally.

With offices in New Delhi, Noida, Mumbai and Ahmedabad currently operational, we are looking forward to our presence in other metropolitan cities to cater the needs of potential businesses and clients.

Our expert and efficient development team is always working on new projects which allow us to have more and better products to cater to different industry segments. This gives us a leading edge over others as we are always looking for horizontal product line expansion.

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