9slides: Evolving the way we present


Presentations are one of the most powerful and used tools in today’s world to convey messages and spread ideas. It is of utmost importance for every professional to be adept with making and delivering presentations effectively. The presentations should be such that the complete idea is conveyed and it should be in sync with what the maker is trying to explain.People at 9slides knew this and they have tried to come up with a service which will enable people to have more efficient presentations. They recognized the problem of not being able to watch videos along with the presentation and they have come with a solution addressing this very problem. 9slides provides online solutions which can help users produce live like experiences for their presentations online.

The company is based in Seattle, Washington and this product is yet in the beta phase. 9Slides is a communication tool which allows users to create unique online experience using their existing presentation videos and slides. They’ve got three different pricing plans one of which is the free versions with which the user can publish and promote. The user also gets a free plugin. Then there is silver plan at $5 a presentation which allows a user do many more things. They also have a special plan with grand offerings and the price of this plan can be negotiated.

With features like syncing videos with presentations, ability to embed 9slides on any webpage and social media integration, the beta phase is exciting and it will be expected of 9slides to come up with more such innovations.

Jubin Mehta | YourStory.in

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