Add people you meet in person through an iPhone app on Facebook


What would you do if you wish to stay connected with a person whom you just met? Obviously, you would want to have their personal contact number or else a connection through a social networking site. If it’s Facebook, here is an easy way of befriending them. Rather than sending a friend request, getting it accepted, which generally takes a lot of time, can be cut short to a simple friend request procedure with the help of an app called ”Friendthem”. This app allows the users to add existing Facebook users into this app and establish connections on the move. If the other person doesn’t have this app, he/she may add it up later.It has been pretty common that you would want to stay connected with the people you meet at a bar/restaurant/park etc.The most obvious thing would be adding them to Facebook/Twitter/Foursquare/LinkedIn. We can well add that person if we get to know their profile name. But, the process of finding a person with the same name from a group of 10 people or so is very difficult and confusing. Because, photos and personal information would not be open to non-friends and a new update from them could make the friend request procedure more complicated.

Hence, Friendthem can come in handy in those situations. A person who has Friendthem can send a request to the other. If the other person has the app, they can directly add them up to Facebook right there. They can view the person’s location, picture with full name for easy identification, when a request is sent through the app.

This app can be used by directly logging in with a Facebook id and doesn’t require a separate sign-up. If you wish to hide some information, Friendthem assigns geo-fences or areas by which you can restrict personal information from being viewed by others. Friendthem is currently available for iPhone and will soon be made for Android and Windows as well. If it can cut short time lags in adding people on Facebook and is feasible, people would start using it soon. Please let us know your comments on the same by writing to us at feedback@yourstory.inBhanu Teja Kurucheti |


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