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With so much happening around the world as well as in your locality, it is hard to keep track of the stuff that matters to you. There are many events which come and go by in which you’d have liked to participate. AllEvents is one such place which will tell you about all the important things happening in your area. All events all agglomerated at one place and you also have to an option to share your Facebook events with the added advantage of not having to register for the service. YourStory caught up with the co-founder, Amit Panchal. Edited excerpts:Tell us about Allevents in brief. How did the idea germinate?

The idea of All Events cropped out of our own needs. We needed constant networking for our business and the growth of our company Amitech. We had a hard time contacting people or getting any updates about the events/meet-ups happening around the city. We couldn't afford to lose any chance and so catme up with this idea. All Events is a global platform that allows you to not only share your Facebook events quickly but also promote it. A simple and easy way to know what is happening around the city. The concept got popular with the users instantly and now we get a huge number of events posted every day.

What is your aim and what is your market differentiator?

Our aim is to promote as many events through our site as we can; to make users aware of what our site's name says, "All Events" in their city. The market differentiator of All Events from some of the other event sites is its unique model. It does not require user to post events manually as it is practically impossible for the user to keep track of and post the enormous number events. With All Events user can create event pages on Facebook that are in sync and gets automatically posted on All Events. It is simple and perhaps the easiest way to post an event without any registration.

How much capital was required to implement the idea? Where did the initial funding come from?Initially All Events was aimed to be used solely for personal use and our business networking and we started to work on it in our spare time. But in no time we realized that the idea was potentially strong and can of great use for the community at large. Hence we reworked on it and decide to launch it officially for people. Initially we use the funds from Amitech Business Solutions to support the idea. Until now we have invested around 1Lac INR for its implementation.

Tell us about your background and about the team at All Events.

We are a team of two at Amitech. We also have several beta testers who help us test and improve the user experience. I am a computer engineer while my partner, Ruchit Patel is an EC engineer. We have worked together on more than 20 Industry projects during our academics alone and have a fair bit of experience on our side.

How are you different from the events section of facebook apart from being dedicated to that?

Facebook events have limited visibility. Events are visible to only people who are invited to the events or particular group creating the events. Our approach at All Event is to give a wider visibility to the users. With AllEvents, user gets the convenience to see the events listed in their area or their city by just a click. Other distinction between AllEvents and

Facebook is that you don’t need to be register yourself; anyone can access and see the events from any account without any form of registration which tends to be a bit annoying sometimes.Where do you see your start up five years from now? How do you plan to expand?

In just 2 months we have received amazing response. We have had an astounding 75 thousands events posted on site and traffic is increasing exponentially. We hope to get more and more users in near future. Our idea of expansion is to target smart phones. We are going to launch applications for iPhone, android and blackberry smart-phones. Mobile application will allow users to access events happening around them using Geo-location of the phone, users will be able to add events direct to their calendars.

What is your revenue model?

As of now we are earning from advertisements. We plan to generate our future revenue from mobile applications. We have featured category to promote the events of sponsors. Next step will be local deals; daily deals will be promoted on the events, based on location of user.

How much competition do you have? Who are the other players?

We don’t have much competition right now and we believe we have a head start in this field and we’ll be trying to maintain the lead. Besides, Allevents is not limited to India, it has a global audience.

Are you looking at hiring people?

Yes, once we have enough funding raised, we will hire our representative for metro cities of US, UK and India to manage daily deals as well as tech team to deliver applications to each platform and mobile OS.

How many hits do you generate? What is the feedback that you’re getting?

After just 2months of launching we have 75,000 events posted on site. Nowadays we get 2000 events added to the site and around 8000 unique visitors per day. Our visitors are from US, UK, and 156 other countries which is a matter of pride for us.

What do you expect from the readers at

YourStory has got a very broad user base. We hope users will find the concept interesting and try We look forward to their feedback as well. New ideas are always appreciated. We are also seeking VC investors for further development so anyone whose curiosity we managed to arouse, are welcome to contact us. We’d be more than glad to hear from them.

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