Alliance Business Solutions, On what makes them a unique Training & HR Consultancy


Walk on the fire or drum the beats and discover your true self. Pune based entrepreneur, Raghavv Chakraaborty, is helping people unleash their potential through his venture Alliance Business Solutions. Swati Maheshwari discovers how, for YourStory.inTell us about Alliance Business Solutions.

Alliance is operated by its managing partners and specializes in Training and HR consultancy. We are a knowledge-driven company that values transparent business practices and provides comprehensive solutions to help businesses achieve their goals of rapid product innovation and profitability. Alliance brings the deepest, broadest and freshest experience, programs and technology to the table to ensure a successful and sustainable talent management plan. Some of our focus areas are Success Profile Management, Selection & Assessment, Leadership & Workforce Development, Performance Management, Training services, L&D process. We customize training modules, programs and course-ware based on the need of improvement and learning. We also offer psychometric and ability tests for students, working executives and organizations. The services provided by us span across industries like BPO, Telecom, Security, Hospitality, Sales & Marketing, FMCG and IT. Our training programs and performance-support tools are designed to increase productivity and improve access to opportunities.

What is your unique offering?

There are various Training & HR Consultancy firms to choose from, and we realize that today's HR managers have many options for the benefit of their human capital. That's exactly why we separate ourselves from the competition in every way we can. If one factor had to be chosen above all others, perhaps our drive is what makes us most different. We are always creating & innovating to ensure that our clients are one hundred percent satisfied. At Alliance, we understand the link between people, processes and organisational structure. So, when you are looking to implement that important business change project or reviewing your leadership for a Succession Plan or even conducting a Selection Process for the new business process, you can be assured that the advice and support you will receive is based upon best practice, industry knowledge and experience. All of our consultants have many years of practical experience of projects and of using state-of-the-art tools to support and enhance business. We bring in-depth industry understanding, world class capabilities, innovation and cutting-edge ideas to your business to help raise performance levels and deliver real business benefit.

What inspired you to start this venture?

It was my wife, Shital’s idea to develop a venture that would work towards the development of talent and help people explore their true potential. Training is her passion; she has been the strongest pillar of Alliance since its inception. When we discussed about the venture with others, we were told that it would be difficult to sustain this business as many top notch companies have already ventured into training/consulting.Today, we are proud to be competing with some of the very best training companies in India and abroad.

Tell us about your team.

We started with just 2 members, my wife and I, from our house. Today the team boasts of an array of trainers and a management team with vast experience and dedication to drive Alliance forward. We have a vast team of facilitators pan India, who are focused on providing customized solutions to the requirements of our clients. We provide end to end solutions for Training & HR Consulting. Our professionals understand and work across all industries, including health care, telecommunications, information technology, financial houses, hospitality pharmaceuticals, services, and manufacturing sectors.

What are the biggest challenges that you face in this field?

For us, challenges are a part of the daily life. Everything is challenging - be it a basic training or a critical competency training, we create a new module each time. One basic challenge we usually face with our clients is when they question “what is the effectiveness of this training, will the participants change instantly?” It is hard to explain to them that we are talking about behavioral change. Adults cannot accept change instantly; it’s a slow moving process and usually takes time for creating the needed change. However, once we get going with the first session, our clients understand the process and develop faith and interest in it.

How do you promote yourself? Do you advertise?

We actually don’t promote ourselves, our clients refer us to others and we have a good repeat business from them too. That’s how we have been working since the inception. However, recently we started advertising our services and programs on a large scale, through the news papers, radio and even online marketing.

Tell us more about your Public Programme.

Our flagship program ‘SVA’ has been designed to cater to the needs of the working professionals, students and people who are bogged down by the routines of life. SVA is a concept that reveals the true potential that you possess. We, at Alliance, have been instrumental in helping people from all walks of life in unleashing their true self through this program. We offer the Drum Circle, an ancient technique to build harmony with oneself and others, which automatically breaks the interpersonal shackles and makes us much more approachable to others, basically an immediate and everlasting experience. We understand that it is difficult to achieve a paradigm change in ourselves due to heavy mental baggage we carry with us. For this, we suggest the Fire Walk. It lightens you up instantly. It is a time tested activity that triggers the cogwheel to shed off all mental barriers that handicap our growth. One would discover a new psyche, basically termed as the SVA, i.e. the knowledge of oneself.

Any success story that you would like to share with us?

At Alliance, every day is remarkable. However one such achievement that pushed us forward was the Financial Inclusion training to be conducted at Andhra Pradesh. Having competed with the very best training companies in India, we bagged the deal and were the only trainers from Maharashtra to conduct a training in their regional language, Telugu. All the credit for this project goes to Mr. Ahmar Khan, L&D Head, Alliance.

What are your expansion plans?

Even though we are headquartered in Pune, we have been conducting and catering to our clients pan India. We plan to set up two new offices at Hyderabad and Bhubaneswar in the coming few months. We are also looking for opportunities in Sri Lanka and South East Asia in the next year.

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