Anoop Menon, Confianz IT: Customized CRM & telecom development


Anoop, please tell us what Confianz is all about.

We are a software development/IT services company, catering to the needs of a range of customers - from individuals and SMBs to large corporations alike. We emphasize on getting ourselves frequently updated with the latest trends and developments in technology since this enables us to comprehend to the changing pulse of the market, to promote our own growth and to stay afloat in the game actively.

What are your most popular services? Where do you get most of your customers from?

Our most popular services have been the customized CRM and telecom development. The cities from which we have received maximum responses are New York, New Jersey, Atlanta and London.

What is your target audience?

Our target audience includes those individuals, SMBs or corporate, who have realized that they need a professional internet solution to generate revenue streams, establish communication channels or streamline business operations and are looking for a reliable IT partner for implementing the same.

We undertake to manage all their IT development and support needs, while they can focus on their business routines. Currently, 95% of our clients are overseas. We are looking forward to increase our client base in India as well.

How is Confianz different from other IT consulting firms?

One of the important factors that differentiate us from our competitors is the attention to detail we give to the projects. Also, while selecting to work on projects, apart from the revenue generated, we are concerned about the opportunity associated with it to learn a concept, possible R&D and further developments possible by generating out-of-the-box ideas. We also support open source ideas, because it allows ample room for innovations.

Where do you see the IT industry and Confianz five years from now?

The IT industry is quite huge, especially the telecom and services sector. We would like to see ourselves as one of the leading IT services company in India. We look forward to working on wider domains, exploring more potential and spending more efforts on R&D. We have always welcomed new challenges, which give great learning opportunities to our resources.

What is Confianz’s revenue model?

The company's revenue is generated from the IT consulting that we provide. It’s either project- wise or hour-wise or FTE. We don’t have any funding from any third parties.

How big is the team behind Confianz?

Abhilash, who is our project manager, and I are the co-founders. Currently, our team size is 26. Our team composition involves professionals ranging from software architects with more than a decade of experience to freshers working and learning some of the latest trends in the Internet sphere like EXT JS.  We also have a couple of managers building the business development and marketing side.

How has the journey been so far? Let us know about your expansion plans.

The journey so far has been very interesting. Our major tie-up has been with a telecom major in USA to cater to all their IT needs.  The area of business covered was development as well as support. The same year, we had a similar tie-up with another telecom provider in USA for all their outsourcing requirements. Today, we have more than a score of clients overseas who depend on us completely for all their outsourcing requirements.Also, we are interested in contributing to the open source community. Our vision for the near future includes plans to contribute to the educational system in India and to improve the same with technological advancements.

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