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We've always seen these headlines, "What after 12th?", "The post 12th conundrum" and the likes. There are numerous people and companies claiming to know the answer to this question which seems to befuddle every student and parent. There are an enormous number of fliers being distributed everywhere in cities and the walls are filled with similar posters. The competition is fierce in this field and nextLeap is a website based in Pune which was started by an enterprising young lady, Suruchi Wagh.With an enthusiastic young team from a varied background and good profiles to back it up, nextLeap is a recommendation engine initiated with an aim to help students and young professionals map their career graph and simplify their career decisions. The site runs on collective intelligence of its users and advanced math models to give personalized recommendations to users.

Students can enter their academic details like GRE score, College GCPA into the recommendation engine, which runs math models and algorithms on the profile to give personalised recommendations. NextLeap has three different versions according to the detailing of the recommendation. There is an economy version at `200, advanced version at `700 and a free version which gives the bare outline. tried out the free version and here is the screen shot of the outcome:The database for the academic profile is still limited to Maharashtra and even the field in which you want to pursue an MS degree is restricted to Computer Science and Electrical in the free version. Once the database widens, this can be a very useful tool for students seeking assistance for their career path.

The interface is good and simple and if the algorithm works fine, their service has the potential to become popular by word of mouth itself. With a bright start, the future of this venture depends on their ability to widen their base and provide appropriate recommendations which will require a constantly upgrading algorithm. They’re being noticed in the market today and with more such work, they can remain in the limelight.

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