Company Profile, Kinetic Glue: The Gel that lubricates a company’s operations


SaaS(Software as a Service) has grown on to have a very wide meaning. It is a software delivery model in which the software and its associated data are hosted centrally on the Internet Cloud.KineticGlue is one such social platform for talent management, collaboration and team-work that helps the user work faster and smarter, they claim. KineticGlue gives the user a single secure site on the cloud that meets all their collaboration needs, has customizable access controls and offers integration with existing applications.

KineticGlue was started by Vivek Paul and Meeta Malhotra in the year 2007. Based in Bangalore, they were one of the companies shortlisted at the SaaS-AppS Emerge Product Showcase at the EMERGEOUT Conclave in Chennai. With customers like Airtel, Future Group and L&T Infotech, KineticGlue is definitely helping companies become more productive. They provide services to SME’s as well and the KineticGlue's mobile cross-platform works on all phones; iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

To showcase exactly what they do, here’s a case study provided by KineticGlue:

Industry: Retail

The client: A multi-million retail conglomerate with hundreds of stores around the country.

The old way: This rapidly expanding multi-brand, multi-store retail conglomerate serves thousands of customers every day and relies heavily on store feedback to keep track of customer expectations and demand. While sophisticated analytics systems are in place, the company found that it was missing quick, specific insights that would help it to act faster.

The Kinetic Glue Way: KineticGlue gives teams the flexibility to choose a format that works best for their busy and often unpredictable day.                                                                                

Instant feedback; Engaged and motivated sales staff:

Sales staff now posts feedback via their mobile phones into a central group. Not only is this real time, it is visible to all store personnel.

Typically high-attrition sales staff now feels much more engaged with the organization.

Shared learning; shorten cycles in new locations:

Marketing teams of different brands now consistently share their strategies, results and learning with each other, enabling them to optimize their efforts. As new stores open, learning from that location are shared by marketing teams. This is proving invaluable for the stores that will open soon in the same location.

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