CondomKing: An Online Condom Bazaar


In what might seem to be a surprising move, in actuality is an extremely clever step to target the conservative Indian society. However modernized the Indian society may have become; the deep rooted culture which looks upon “sex” and “condoms” as topics which aren’t to be discussed in public remains. Barring a few urbanities, people still look for less-crowded medical to purchase condoms. There is a certain amount of stigma associated with it and a customer will check his surroundings twice before asking the shopkeeper for condoms.Targeting this very problem, CondomKing is India’s first integrated condom bazaar online. The e-commerce site sells condoms, contraceptive products and accessories. Products of brands like Kamasutra and Moods are available. CondomKing claims that the quality of the product confirms to International Standards ISO: 4074. They offer a discount over the MRP and shipping is free for purchases above `195 for one brand. CondomKing accepts all major cards and online tracking feature is available as well.

The user needs to register before making any transaction and the minimum age for registration is 18 years. An ID proof is required at the time of courier delivery to ensure the user is above the age of 18. The company takes responsibility of shipping the product within 3 days of successful payment.

The overall appeal of the website and the logo looks a bit raw but the concept deserves applause. Initiatives like these will definitely help to increase the use of contraceptives and thwart unsafe sex. Collaborations with more brands and a good promotion campaign can take this venture further ahead. Association with Governments looking to fight the plaguing problems of STD’s might also help. With a wide avenue in front of it, CondomKing has many opportunities to pounce upon.

Jubin Mehta |