Discover Apps with HP TouchPad


HP launches its touchpad powered by webOS Pivot on July 1st 2011.This will open new doors to users to explore apps. It has been designed to complete the webOS app Catalog. Pivot is a platform where in users can get exposed to a large variety of apps and also gives developers to get known by everybody. HP will include columns dedicated to well known writers to share their views on latest technology, special series on applications pertaining to certain topics, in-depth reviews and editorial pieces that are visually driven.This platform will be launched in English, French, German and Spanish which will be updated digitally on TouchPad devices. HP has maintained a magazine for the device it started building, which served as a good publicity. It has been pretty tedious for users and developers in finding out new apps in the market. Having an organized form of showcasing apps supported by reviews can help people take a breather.

This can surely draw enormous amount of developers as it promises a lot of scope for app promotion. One would really want to experience webOS and that too on a HP Touch Pad which has a fairly large screen. Interstingly, webOS has been striking the right chord when it comes to tablets and the long wait will soon be over.

Bhanu Teja Kurucheti |


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