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Many people have complained about not being able to find the right doctor and about the never ending queues for an appointment with a doctor. Very few attempts have been made to solve this problem which has been hovering around since long. DocSuggest is one such venture that aims at simplifying healthcare.Based out of Hyderabad, the company claims that DocSuggest empowers people to explore and find the best suited healthcare facilities, make informed decisions and take care of their health in the most comfortable manner. The service is currently available in Hyderabad only. Keerthi Kiran Chennupati, an IIT-Bombay graduate is the director at DocSuggest and has a dynamic team around him which runs DocSuggest.

The users can find doctors, book appointments and then get themselves checked. Fixing appointments on the phone is also possible and they don’t charge anything for this service from the user. All the user needs to do is to register with the site before fixing an appointment. The web site has a constant health tip feed as well.

This is how the results are generated after inputting the doctor speciality and the area:

This service would be of great help to people who are new in the city and have little knowledge about the healthcare facilities in the city. Once the service is scaled and made available in other cities, the concept can really grow as DocSuggest seems like a pretty useful amenity.People in Hyderabad can book their appointment here: Let us know about your experience by writing to

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