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Catching the public eye has become one of the most challenging tasks owing to an intense competition in this field. There are numerous start-ups, events and campaigns trying to grab attention and promote themselves. Each one of these is not able to publicize themselves through headlines in mainstream media. There are many which go unnoticed and die out as soon as they come targets at this very population which is looking for publicity and looking for that one final push which would take them through. GoodBuzz is a site operated by Linkcrafter Ltd and is registered in England and Wales. GoodBuzz was founded by Mawuna Koutonin, a world peace activist and is currently managed by a team of five people, in collaboration with an advisory board of industry specialists. has four main features:

  1. Campaigns: The user can create his/her campaign, and ask peers to relay the message to their contacts. 8 channels are available for this: emailing, social networks, banners, widget, Invitations, SMS, Flyers, Posters (Indoor, Outdoor) and Word of mouth.
  2. Deals: Goodbuzz helps you create offers that will overcome people reluctance to reply to someone they usually don’t know.
  3. Networks: The users can create their own peer referral network.
  4. Infogifts: Goodbuzz claims to convert advertisement campaigns into information gifts.

The site seems like an interesting new way to grab attention and to carry out a successful event. One issue with goodbuzz is the information deluge on the website which might confuse the user a bit at the beginning. The user might have to take some time to get acquainted with the interface and how the whole system works but once he’s able to do that, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Goodbuzz seems like the solution for businesses and individuals working on shoestring budgets where they can have a good marketing campaign by spending a fraction of what they’d usually do to get similar amount of attention. With the kind of success stories that goodbuzz has to tell, it can sure create a buzz in the coming future.

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