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Govind, please tell us what MyLMS is all about.

MyLMS Inc. is a web based application that helps you to keep a tight control of your business by engaging management, marketing and sales departments in one system. You can track your sales, revenue and collections instantly by using any computer/mobile device connected to the internet. You can hence get a higher yield from a prospective customer with shorter and more effective sales cycle.

How is MyLMS different from other web based business solutions firms?

MyLMS Inc. offers low cost subscription based service that does not involve huge upfront license costs. It also works from any browser and supports android platform for smart phone business users.

How did the idea for MyLMS come about? How much capital was required to implement the idea?

MyLMS is built on SaaS(Software-as-a-Service) model using LAMP stack. I used to work for Savitriya and there I was focusing on project delivery. In most places acquiring new business based on existing contacts and new potential leads was a routine process. After several months of organizing and optimizing the process of follow ups, reminders and filtering through spreadsheets, I started to evaluate open source tools to solve this routine problem. There were several tools around, but none having all the required basic set of features required to manage the sales cycle. Some of the solutions available were having huge licensing cost pushing me to realize the strong potential in the indian market for such a system. After discussing the concept with few friends, the development began around mid 2009. The initial capital required was close to Rs. 10,00,000/-

Tell us about your background

I have over 11 years of IT experience. I started my career as a network administrator. From there, I got into software testing, automation, web development and finally, product development. I have been a part of several start-up companies: Coulera Technologies, the first company where I joined as the first employee in 2000. In 2006, I started Kraff Software as a promoter and turned it into a successful company. I exited Kraff in 2008 and worked for Gateway Technolabs for a completely different and exciting experience. In 2009, I incorporated Savitriya Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to develop web applications and portals. Parallel to Savitriya, I established MyLMS Inc. in joint venture with Hallmark InfoSystem.

What is MyLMS' revenue model?

We mainly make our revenue from the customers when they subscribe to us. There is also an enterprise edition catering to high-end customers with customized solutions.

How big is the team at MyLMS?

Bhavik Bhatt , Nirav Gajjar and I are the co-founders of MyLMS. Currently, we are a team of 12. Our team involves software architects, developers, and designers. We also have employees working on marketing and sales. Our employees are from diverse backgrounds ranging from engineering and fine arts to management.

How has the journey been so far? Let us know about your expansion plans.

The journey so far has been good. Right now our product is in production and few of our customers are already using the product. Our website is being updated and that will have the complete client list. We are also in the process of obtaining approvals from more clients.

We are also planning to expand and to offer MyLMS to international customers in the U.S. / U.K to region to begin with.

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