K Vignesh Bhasker, GetAQuickSite, offers the quickest Web Solutions


Vignesh, please tell us a little bit about GetAQuickSite.

GetAQuickSite is a young and dynamic web solutions company. Our differentiator is that we offer the quickest web solutions.

How is GetAQuickSite different from other web solutions firms?

What makes us different from the rest of the crowd is the fact that all the solutions that we offer our customers are delivered extremely quickly that is, we are extremely fast in terms of delivery and turnaround time.

How did the idea for GetAQuickSite come about? How much capital was required to implement the idea?

We are in the web designing space the last 6 years. We wanted to offer a solution to customers who didn’t have the time to wait for a website which usually takes a week to 10 days. Here, once the content is ready, you can get a site in 24 hours. Hence, our name “Get Q Quick Site”. We used internal funding to start up the company and used our existing resources. So apart from marketing and domain and hosting costs, we didn’t have any major expenses.

What is your target audience?

Our target is over a wide range of people from new companies to teenagers. We basically cater to those people who want to put up something on the net real quick.

Tell us about your background.

I have worked with leading MNCs like Ford Motor Company as Project coordinator for IT projects in the Asia Pacific Region. My key skills are business and functional requirements gathering, client liaising & project coordination and new business development.

What is GetAQuickSite’s revenue model?

Our revenue model is that we are based on internal funding. We leveraged a lot of existing resources, since we were already in the online space.

How big is the team behind GetAQuickSite?

I am the only founder of GetAQuickSite and currently we are a small team comprising of designers. We also have a large number of freelancer’s who have shown great interest and passion in wanting to be a part of us.

How has the journey been so far? Let us know about your expansion plans.

The journey so far has been good. In India, clients still want to follow the age old model of shaking hands and purchase orders. Also we have seen that from the time of the company’s inception marketing was and is our main challenge. It will take time for acceptance, where everything is done online, all communication is done online. Also because of the online nature of our product, anyone from anywhere in the world who has a credit card to make payments through can enable of our services. Eventually we hope that anyone one who needs to put up information online should come to us. That is our dream. We are also looking to expand and be a 10 member team very soon.

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