Manasi Kanetkar, Purnansh, Pune based Design Consultancy


They make products interact with you! Pune based entrepreneur, Manasi Kanetkar, through her venture Purnansh, brings to the market innovative product designs that are ‘inspired by art; driven by technology’. Swati Maheshwari finds out more for

Manasi, What is Purnansh all about?

Purnansh is a design consultancy and humanize products. Design is a process of making conscious choices which are inspired by art and driven by technology. A product communicates, interacts, participates in activities and influences lives; whether one wants it or not; and therefore we design it with intricate details. We focus on product-experience by working on the following attributes – Purpose, Comfort and Delight.

Tell us about your designers.

At Purnansh, we have dedicated people with open minds. All of them are willing to learn and work towards making this organization a success. We nurture creativity, analytical skills and professionalism. We have developed special tools for communication, data structuring, ideation, evaluation methods and resource management.

What instigated you to start Purnansh?

There is a tremendous scope for a professional approach towards product designing in the Indian market. There is a lack of a wholesome approach in this field, which has the potential of making life easier.

How has the entrepreneurial journey been so far?

The journey has been really challenging, since this is a new and un-established field. With the freedom of defining yourself, comes a great responsibility. We faced problems in convincing the clients to buy our services. Initially, we had to work at a very low, sometimes no compensation. There is a need to keep tapping the real need of design. Also, we face a challenge in keeping the balance between good opportunities and generating revenues. On the other hand, the satisfaction of creating something new everyday is indescribable.

How do you manage the business development?

Business development is probably the most critical factor. Conversion of a prospective client to a client is a lengthy process and depends on many factors which are not in our control. A product that comes to us for (re)designing needs to go through a lot of planning for financials, logistics and marketing. We prepare action plans for every quarter of the fiscal. We also have to keep our client database up-to-date.Tell us about your first big client.

I don’t remember who the first ‘big’ client was. We have always looked at projects that open possibilities and challenges. Each project is different and has to be dealt differently. We have worked with clients like Mahindra Powerol, Emerson, Ador Powertron, and Tata Chemicals to name a few.

How did you fund the business?

Designing; being a creative service, we did not need anything in the initial period. And now, the business is supporting itself.

What are your expansion plans?

Purnansh will start diversifying very soon. As of now we are providing our services as designers. We want to churn out well designed products. This way we can expand our horizons and come up with more innovative products. We have also started rendering our services for the weaker sections of the society; that being a voluntary service from Purnansh.

Any advice to young entrepreneurs?

Young entrepreneurs should invest their energies in venturing into unique businesses that would bring glory to this country. They should work on creative ideas and convert them into successful businesses. They should keep an open mind and allow room for experimentation.

Are you looking forward to raise funds?

Not yet. Although; we are working on a few ideas; and will be ready with business proposals soon. We are working on innovative yet affordable products for the masses. At that point of time, we would definitely need funding and mentorship.

On a lighter note, we don’t mind a financial aid for the developmental stage too!

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