mDhil to Power Airtel mHealth Service


Healthcare content provider mDhil Health Info Services Pvt. Ltd., today announced that it has collaborated with Indiagames to provide original and high-quality content for the launch of Bharti Airtel’s SMS-based health packs. Now available for 160 million plus Airtel mobile customers across India, these packs will provide subscribers with information and content on a variety of health and medical care aspects – thereby giving them daily access to tips to lead a healthier life.

“We are excited to work with Airtel to launch our content across their customer base. We take a unique and exhaustive effort to create content that is culturally relevant for India and factually accurate – and as Airtel demands the best for their customers, we are proud to be their partner in this service” noted Nandu Madhava, CEO of mDhil.

Now available at Airtel’s mHealth portal 54444, these packs are available in several categories relevant for customers and priced in the range of Rs. 30 to Rs. 49 per month. To subscribe, Airtel mobile customers can SMS ‘Health’ to 54444 (toll free) to select a desired pack and start receiving daily updates towards a healthier lifestyle.

Content offered by mDhil Health Info Services Pvt. Ltd through the service ranges across a variety of topics: adolescent sexual health (for both males & females), cardiac care, diabetes, seasonal diseases such as swine flu & dengue, weight reduction, stress management etc. Information on a particular topic is packaged into crisp, clear messages, covering:

  • An introduction to demystify the topic
  • Brief explanation of specific symptoms & treatment (for topics such as swine flu)
  • Specific actions that the user would benefit from taking (for topics such as cardiac care)
  • Dispelling common myths and misconceptions (particularly for topics such as sexual health or personal care)

The topics have been chosen based on consumer interest analysis done by mDhil ( mDhil works closely with physicians, public health professionals, and medical researchers to create services which empower users with accurate health information. Given the lack of accessible health information – particularly for areas such as reproductive health – mDhil can enable users to make informed choices for positive health outcomes.

About mDhil

With a firm belief that accurate and relevant information is vital for preventive healthcare, mDhil creates and distributes high-quality healthcare content through SMS text, desktop & mobile web, and original video for the emerging market customer.


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