Mentoring Session by CIIE,IIM Ahmedabad to be held in Kolkata on 25th June


I have always been passionate about working with large number of people, bringing healthcare benefits to masses by developing software products that will change the way healthcare delivery is being looked at for Indian Markets. But as soon as I think of quitting my current mundane job with a large corporate something pulls me back; something cautions me about the future because I know life will be very different, no more fixed salary cheques, no more certainty about tomorrow. But, wait, thoughts do not stop here ? this shift also means more challenges, doing things my own way, being my own boss and most important enjoying every moment of my work, giving a great feeling of inner satisfaction.

If this is how your mind tussles with yourself every morning, leaving you sad about not pursuing your passion as a career, you would surely like to be part of a mentoring session being conducted by MentorEdge, a mentoring initiative from Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE), incubation lab at IIM Ahmedabad, on 25th June @ Dale Carnegie Auditorium, iLEAD Business School, Kolkata from 2pm-4pm. You could register for free by simply sending a confirmation email to with subject title ‘MentorEdge – Mentoring Session Kolkata – 25th June’, mentioning your name and phone number in the email body.

Speaking on the day and sharing clues from his own entrepreneurial journey would be Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jain, MD TT Ltd. (Rs 500 crores company) and a Gold Medalist from IIM Ahmedabad. He would provide critical inputs for one to decide whether to take up the job path or break it on his own and highlight critical things to succeed as an entrepreneur.

A unique initiative – MentorEdge (, was started in 2009 by the Incubation Cell at IIM Ahmedabad ( MentorEdge came out of the need to help entrepreneurs who couldn’t be incubated at CIIE because of its focus on Innovative Technology driven Incubation and thus cater to the larger ecosystem.

In the last one and a half year, the initiative has grown to 300 mentors across eight cities [Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore] in the country and has impacted the lives of over 1500 Entrepreneurs.

Mentoring is second most important thing to a start up after a brilliant idea. Mentoring is a process of consulting a startup in its focus areas so as to make sure that the Entrepreneurs take the right decisions at the right time. Through this initiative, CIIE is hoping to shape up the other startups based in the city and develop the ecosystem further.

MentorEdge organizes ‘Mentor Rendezvous’, which is a common platform where the Mentors and entrepreneurs come together. The aim is to facilitate and connect Entrepreneurs with the Mentors over a 45 minute slot, which is allotted before the event. Prior to the event the mentees are instructed to view the mentor profiles on the website and select which mentors they want to connect with. To ensure that right people, with similar work domains and interests meet each other, there is a rigorous curation process carried out at the back end by MentorEdge team once the selections are confirmed. The event lasts about half a day, where dedicated slots are assigned for mentees and mentors to meet. The mentees are sent preparatory material to ensure they come prepared with the project / ideas and make optimum use of the 45 minute slots allotted to them with their chosen mentor. The event is organized such that the mentee is benefited by meeting at 2-3 mentors on the day.

This initiative shall help entrepreneurs in the city to take guidance from domain experts. Domain Experts such as Shankar Maruwada of Marketics, Sanjeev Bikchandandi of, Chander Baljee of Royal Orchid Group of Hotels, Sanjay Kumar Jain of TT Ltd., Vasant Subramanyan of Last Peak Group, Bharat Goenka of Tally Solutions, Dharmendra Yashowardhan of, Chirag Patel of Net4Nuts, Kaushal Mehta of Motif Inc., Ketan Patel of Troikaa Pharmaceuticals, Prof. Sunil Handa of Eklavya Education Foundation, Ratish Nair of Admagnet, Arun Anant – Ex CEO Bloomberg UTV, Sanjay Mehta – Social Wavelength, Mumbai Angels, top management from companies like Tally Solutions, Microsoft, Google, Airtel, Essar Oil and various VC and PE firms joining hands to help entrepreneurs as Mentors, we at CIIE are pretty sure of the growth an entrepreneur can achieve through this initiative.

If you are an entrepreneur and have been running your enterprise for over 6 months now, connect with the team by registering as a mentee on