Microsoft BizSpark India Startup Challenge - Roundup


The Microsoft BizSpark India Startup Challenge finals were held yesterday at The Hotel Lalit Ashok in Bangalore. We at have previously written about the benefits of Microsoft BizSpark for startups here, here & here.


Here is the list of top 15 finalists:

Luna Ergonomics Pvt Ltd “Luna Ergonomics is currently into development of texting technologies for the mobile phone. They have developed the Panini Keypad service which supports composition and sending of SMS in eleven major languages of India. It also offers SMS compression for the first time in the world increasing the payload of a SMS in an Indian language by over three hundred percent.” Read the interview on to know more about their venture here.

Reach360 Reach360 is a focused technology solutions provider for executing online advertisement campaigns effectively. Reach360 enables businesses and advertisers to communicate with their customers online through rich media ads delivered and managed utilizing our proprietary technology platform” Know more about their venture here.

Spatial Ideas “LocoBuzz, a product offering from Spatial Ideas, is a dynamic research and marketing tool, which can be used to understand public opinion about product/services and identify potential clients/users with ability to send them targeted messages.” Click here to know more about them.

Freshdesk “Freshdesk is an on demand customer support software that allows companies to support customers across their traditional customer support channels like phone, email, chat etc. and also through new social channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc.” Please read more about their venture here.

ArrayShield Technologies Pvt Ltd “Array Shield Technologies designs software security products in the area of multifactor authentication and software protection.” ArrayShield was one of the winners of TechSparks 2010. Please read their story on here.

United Mobile Apps Pvt Ltd “United Mobile Apps created a platform called Unify that would provide various services across the whole range of mobile platforms - Android, iOS,Symbian, Blackberry, WinMo, BREW etc. Unify basically creates an ecosystem of connected devices irrespective of the device manufacturer. Unify is an ideal platform to roll out mVAS services.” Please read their story on here.

Techcello(A Division of Asteor Software) “Techcello is a product company providing .Net Engineering Stacks with multi-tenant architecture.” We shall soon bring you their video byte on YS TV Until then, check out their website to know more about their product offering.

Hayagriva Software (P) Ltd “Their flagship product offering is YO PEDIA, a Windows based application(Mac and Linux to follow) that helps a computer user manage everything he/she does on the internet and the computer through one convenient window.” Know more about their venture here.

Bizosys Technologies Pvt Ltd “Bizosys has two primary offerings. 10Screens & HSearch. Learn more about them here on

Harness Handitouch We congratulate Harness’ team for making it to the top 15. We shall soon bring you their video byte on YS TV.

Zevenseas “Technology and business consulting firm that provides unique SharePoint solutions” Learn more about them here.

Brightspot Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd “Their product offering directdialogs is a comprehensive, simple to use direct marketing application with email/mobile campaign management capability and a flexible no-card loyalty program.” Learn more about their venture here.

iNiD Digimedia (P) Ltd “, is a platform to let users discover shows based on their profile and taste, and enabling them to make their TV viewing life more social” Read their interview on here.

CloudNucleus Technologies “A simple, cost-effective backup and recovery solution for SMB and SOHO that helps reduce downtime and prevent disaster by easily recovering individual files and folders or complete Windows servers instantly to physical, virtual environments, or remote locations.” Check out their website here.

Live Inbox We congratulate the entire team of Live Inbox for making it to the finals and also making it to the top four. We shall keep you posted about them as and when they go live!

We at congratulate the top 15 finalists at Microsoft BizSpark India Startup Challenge! We shall keep you posted about the regular updates from their end. Selecting the top 4 from the top 15 was definitely a tough call for the judges, and we congratulate Freshdesk and Reach 360 for winning $40,000 grant from Microsoft, Zevenseas and Live Inbox for winning $10,000 grant. We hope that this grant from Microsoft reinforces the belief that the companies have in their product offering.

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