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Google Translate has included 5 Indic languages such as Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu to its service.It was a mammoth task for Google. Some of the efforts that were put in to complete the project are mentioned here.(

Google mentions that all the translations might not be done for these languages, which are still in alpha phase of development.

It has many untranslated words as of now and is looking forward to be precise in translation in due course. It is very much important for Google Translate to upgrade itself, it already supports 63 languages. Google is taking it as a challenge to help many more users around the world.

Though Google has introduced a major Indic language called Hindi in 2008, it has strived to introduce Bengali( spoken by 300 million people) and Tamil( regarded as the official language in parts of India,Sri Lanka and Singapore as well).

The translation for new languages can be had from here (

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