Online marketplace, “Shopo”, Everything Indian


Online shopping has seen a surge in the recent times in India. The urban India has opened up to the idea of buying online and the paranoia has subsided. With new online stores coming up at frequent intervals, the competition is stiff. is one such online portal which has been creating quite a buzz lately.“Shopo is a market place for everything with an Indian heart”, it claims. It is a place where a user can find contemporary and traditional Indian designer, handcrafted and homemade stuff. The site is a platform for both sellers and buyers. People looking at buying can browse through the wide variety of items that are available and also meet the creators of those items. Sellers can showcase their products here and have their own small online store.

Krithika Nelson, an experienced campaigner in this field and Theyagarajan S, an engineer from NIT Trichy are behind this venture. Krithika looks after designing, seller communications and branding of Shopo while Theyagarajan takes care of the technology and operations at Shopo.

The site has a very alluring and attractive interface which would help in retaining the users’ attention. With a wide array of items on sale, all with the Indian touch, everyone can find something for themselves here. The site seems loosely based on the concept of the online store Etsy, which is an e-commerce website focused on handmade items. Etsy is based in the US and was launched in 2005. Shopo has some local competition as well with sites like Forty Red Bangles which exclusively deals with the items made in Rajasthan.

Shopo is still in the Beta phase but with the kind of response they’ve been generating, the founders would be having high hopes from the post beta phase. To keep on winning the hearts, Shopo will need to continue providing the kind of quality they are and will have to maintain quality in their products.

Jubin Mehta |