Pokki- an App store for PCs


Mankind has been constantly working on reducing physical efforts and pacing works thereby through automation. One such idea is that of an automated app rather than doing things in the web browser.

Apps are eye-catchy and can come in handy for different purposes. SweetLabs, a San Diego based start up has come up with an app for desktop which can give you the same experience as that of a mobile app. It’s named as Pokki; released today. Pokki is a platform for the desktop to host apps.Its basically an app store with an Apple design imitation. It’s been launched as PC app but will soon reach out to MAC users even.

The basic thing being, apps provide an easy and quick way of browsing the net. But, most of the netizens tend to use desktops. So, SweetLabs thought over it and came up with this app. It is specially made for PC users who can now perform tasks with precision. A user needs to install Pokki once and will be connected to “Pokkis”, the portal which is responsible for apps running on the desktop through the Pokki store.The Pokki store resides beside the already installed Pokkis in the menu bar, wherein users can connect to the web and perform actions without actually having to open a web browser.

It is very much familiar to the ones we use on mobile. Pokki is made with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript for a rich application experience. Pokki has been made for Gmail, Facebook, eBay, Living social and The Wall Street Journal. All of them offer real time feeds.

The Pokki store needs help from third party even.So,developers will be looking forward to promote their own brand. This will explore new horizons for developers to create their own Pokkis.

Bhanu Teja Kurucheti | YourStory.in


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