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Healthcare is one sector which has always lacked the full-fledged support of IT. They somehow were thought of as two entities which wouldn’t go hand in hand which was obviously not true. Few initiatives were taken initially but now we’re seeing the integration of IT with the healthcare sector.Practo, a product of Naabo medical solutions, is one such initiative which was launched in May 2009. It was earlier known as The service has grown exponentially and they claim to be serving 500 practices, 5000 doctors and 500,000 patients. Practo is an online practice management software which helps doctors and clinics to manage their practice from anywhere and anytime to provide better services to their patients. Practo automatically reminds patients about their appointments. Practo allows the doctors to store and manage their patient records and photos related to treatments. It also helps in accounting and billing.

The only perceivable problem would be the inability of some of the old school doctors and patients to convert as they would be too well adept into the prevalent system and wouldn’t want to change. The reputation of these doctors over the years would give them a cushion and wouldn’t necessitate them to adapt to changing technologies. Targeting these doctors or clinics would be a challenging task but Practo would have a large enough market even if it doesn’t focus on the members of the old-school healthcare system.

Practo provides four different plans for doctors and clinics one of which is the free version which has very limited features. Every plan has a free 14-day trial period which indicates the trust Practo has on its product. After this trial period, the plan can be activated on a monthly chargeable basis. Practo also provides a 100% data protection warranty.

Integration of IT with every sector is a must in the current age. With all these features at pretty reasonable rates, solutions like Practo could be the way forward for any healthcare practice looking to develop and expand.

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