Product Review: 10Screens, Test drive the User Experience


India has been buzzing with new ideas and innovations ever since the advent of the internet age. Software engineers from all over the country have been flocking to Bangalore to build their piece of code which would boost the industry in some way. Innumerable problems have been identified and constant efforts are being made by someone or the other to address these problems. Many develop products which claim to provide an answer to one of the questions but very few manage to stand the test of time and sustain.10screens is one such effort wherein they allow the users to test drive the user experience and underlying business processes in the same space. 10Screens is a software product developed by Bizosys Technologies Pvt. Ltd., created to simplify communication around software development. 10Screens is positioned to create robust business requirements much earlier, when the business needs are being articulated. If the user’s idea is targeted towards mobile apps, 10Screens can simulate Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone, without any installation and if the idea involves a process, then it creates flow diagrams with related web forms and other pages that demonstrate rich web applications. An important feature is that 10screens requires no special skills or any installations. 10Screens can be used by non-technical users including business analyst/managers, user experience designers and UI developers.The data would also be very secure as it is hosted over a very reliable data center; the security level is at par with that at Amazon. There are a few pricing schemes as well which include a basic plan, a plus plan, a premium plan and a pro plan. The prices range from a modest $11 a month to $249 a month with a 30-day free trial with each plan.10screens seems like a very convenient product and this is what has enabled the product to sustain and grow. With features like daily backup mechanism, no server maintenance hassles, no server provisioning or installation, 10screens is a product which is here to stay.

Jubin Mehta |

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