Start-Up Profile: HSearch, Bizosys Technologies


Bizosys Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a company based in Bangalore which was co-founded by Sunil Guttula, Abhinash Karan and Sridhar Dhulipala in early 2010. Bizosys considers its founder member expertise and the IP core they possess as the two main differentiators. With a cumulative work experience of about 25 years behind their backs, the founder members have solved a variety of key enterprise IT problems in their careers.

Bizosys provides products, services and solutions. Bizosys HSearch is a patent search technology built on Hadoop and HBase to deploy in a distributed environment; especially suitable for Enterprise requirements of diversity, scale and security.Then there is enterprise support; enterprise support comes with tools and support for production. Production support is done by Bizosys team. The pricing is at $25,000 for a 20 machine cluster and $50,000 for a 50 machine cluster. The pricing for larger deployment can be customized.

Bizosys also offers a couple of solutions based on HSearch - Search Driven Portal and Scale on Demand details about which are available on the website. Bizosys is totally boot-strapped and offers a value proposition at a substantially lower price-point than competitors, making it affordable for small companies. Bizosys’ target market consists of startups and small to medium enterprises in the United States and Europe that outsource their custom software development work. The company currently has 175 registered users spanning 48 companies. Bizosys is among the brightest start-ups in India with a huge market to cater to.

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