Tagging through Facial Recognition on Facebook, by default


Well, once you upload a group picture on Facebook, that doesn’t end there. Each and every individual has to be tagged. It is really a pain-staking process. Adding to the woes, it has been really annoying to see irrelevant tags made on Facebook.

Now, the social networking giant has decided to help users by enabling default tagging with the help of Facial recognition techniques. The “tag suggestions” feature, introduced in December last year has now come alive. With this, you can tag your friends in a group picture with the help of suggestions generated by facial recognition technology. It will provide a list of possible matches of the picture that is to be tagged.This feature will soon go live with all the users worldwide. Interestingly, it has been made a default setting for all the users.

If you don’t wish to have this feature by default, here are steps that will guide you in disabling it.

  • Choose your privacy settings.
  • Click “Customize settings.”
  • Pick “Things others share.”
  • Find “Suggest photos of me to friends.”
  • Click “Disabled”

But, it might just irk people like celebrities who would like to have very much a private life on Facebook. It is sad to know that Facebook has turned this feature into a default option without the user’s consent. And, it’s not the first time that Facebook has done it. Be patient to change your settings. Hope this new feature guides people in a proper way by identifying their friends through tagging.

Bhanu Teja Kurucheti | YourStory.in


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