Yashodhan Shukla, Infodash: Developing management information systems with interactive reporting


Yashodhan, please tell us what Infodash is all about.

Infodash is an IT product company. We develop management information systems (MIS) along with interactive reports. We also develop simple-to-use tools.

How is Infodash different from other software firms? What are your flagship solutions?

We believe that our client is our partner. Hence, we give complimentary (free) software and hardware consultancy and help them to choose the right hardware/software from the vast market, saving time, money and mistakes. This gives a personal touch and makes us different from any other software firm in the market.

Our flagship product is the Management Information Tracker (MinT), which enables our customers to choose the right software, minimizing software development and customization costs.

How did the business idea for Infodash come about? How did you zero in on the name Infodash?

For any organization today, there is a need to get accurate and timely information. There are many systems like ERP, HR payroll packages, etc. which an organization can use. But they always need a technical person or an MIS office to get this information from different systems. Also, the accuracy of this information is always doubtful and degrades the quality of the decision.

Our business idea is to give one dashboard that captures all the information, helping the management track the vital information and even print reports in simple formats. And that’s how the name came about – Infodash (Information Dashboard).

Tell us about your background.

I am a B.E graduate in Computer Sciences from the University of Pune. I then started working in South Africa, developing software for the aviation Industry. After this, I shifted base to Germany where I developed the software for the complete automation of the entire European operations of the Euro pump company KSB AG .

I then came back to India after 8 years of working abroad to start Infodash.

What are the challenges that you faced while developing your solutions? How did you overcome those challenges?

Prior to the forming of Infodash we had been working on this project for 2.5 years. The major challenge is to get right technical team and to motivate them to work and stay on with us. Another challenge is the funding. So far, my partners and I have been doing the knowledge & technological funding ourselves.How big is the team behind Infodash Solution?

Infodash was founded in the month of October in 2010.The three entrepreneurs behind Infodash are Yashodhan Shukla, V. Nikhil Reddy and Srikanth Kapila. Nikhil and Srikanth are the technical partners at Infodash and I am the principal partner.

We are currently a team of 11, including both full-time and part-time employees. We have 4 software developers, all of whom are BE graduates and 2 software testers. We also have on board 2 consultants who work part time from home.

How has the journey been so far? Let us know about your expansion plans.

The journey so far has been good. We are currently developing applications on MinT like universal login, loans and asset liability management, tickets and information trackers, along with manufacturing and health-care and supply chain reports. We are also trying to make this solution available on the Cloud, where the user will be able to customize their own MIS with easy wizards, making it globally available.

Our ultimate aim is to tie up with NABARD and subsequently, RBI to give solutions on pan-India basis, connecting more than 4 million users (offices/set ups). We are also planning VC funding or joint venture options to accelerate this process.

We at YourStory wish Yashodhan and Infodash much success. To know more about Infodash and their product, MinT, check out http://www.infodash.in/. Also, do let us know your views on this story by writing to us at feedback@yourstory.in.