“Apps should go from 4 to 40 inches” - Narendra Bhandari at TechSparks 2011 Hyderabad Regional RoundTable


Kickstarting the event in Hyderabad was Narendra Bhandari, Asia Pacific Director for Developer Relations at Intel Software & Services Group, who spoke about “Multiplying Opportunities for your Applications” addressing developers and entrepreneurs. “The online market is huge and growing. What does this mean for you?” was the question he posed to set the tone for the rest of his talk.Narendra went on to explain that applications are currently driving consumption by fuelling how we communicate, socialize, learn, entertain, create and share experiences, do business, and transact with money. ‘Localized applications are key to emerging economies,’ he posited. Currently most applications focus on the lifestyle aspect of consumers as opposed to the livelihood aspect.

Intel provides one architectural framework supporting many devices, but sharing a common framework. The benefits of this framework are seen when considering the available form factor of devices, the changing definition of the TV(TVs are growing bigger but the amount of time spent on smaller screens is growing as well), the reinvention of the PC(though there’s a range of options, quality time is also spent on the large screen as well). His advice to developers, “Don’t be biased towards the smaller screen. Think of users and build for them.” Making an app scalable across different devices and screen sizes would help succeed in roping in all available users.

Developers can choose from multiple OS options as they are all supported by Intel. He reiterated, “Apps are transforming us. They are impacting our lifestyle. You are mirroring your lifestyle on your phone.” Intel offers the Intel AppUp developer program, tools, guides & essential resources to developers. “We are an ecosystem player,” Narendra stated.

“Apps should go from 4-40 inches,” he mentioned emphasizing the need to keep in mind diverse devices and platforms. The sensory infrastructure of devices in terms of context, motion, location should also be kept in mind and taken advantage of. Speaking to the aspect of user experience, he said, “There is a perception formed when someone sees an app. Build capabilities with that in mind.” His parting note was “make the moolah”, since distribution mechanisms are expanding.

Narendra’s talk was truly inspirational and informative for entrepreneurs and developers at TechSparks Hyderabad.

If you are an app developer or an entrepreneur in mobile/netbook app space, Intel & YourStory.in’s TechSparks 2011 App4India is a must consider for you!

- Jessie Ruth


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