Cuelogic: Product development, from CMS to SaaS on cloud


Cuelogic is an outsourced product development company focused on working with technology product startups as their technical cofounders with an expertise in open source and mobile technologies. Currently, they are working with 10 startups based in US, Europe and India. Their partners include, which is the largest platform for companies in CSR domain,, which is an affiliate platform and, which is a content curation platform.The point of difference between Cuelogic and its competitors lies in the fact that Cuelogic is focused on working with startups as partners and not as vendors. They have innovative risk sharing engagement models.

Growth & Expansion

Cuelogic started as a completely self-funded enterprise which soon started sustaining itself. The number of employees rose from 2 to 30 in just about 18 months. This only shows their scale of operations increasing manifold, soon after inception. However, the founders would look out for external founding late this year, for their mobile product business. The team at Cuelogic consists of the founders, the developers, the support staff and 4 interns.

While the work and client base has increased, the founders of Cuelogic are not really looking at high numbers. “We want to grow Cuelogic not necessarily in terms of numbers but in terms of revenue by offering premium services and developing our own products.”, say co-founder of Cuelogic, Mr Nikhil Ambekar.

They started the company while keeping their day jobs and moonlighting at the same time. The biggest breakthrough came about when Martin Smith approached them to rebuild a product in PHP which was already built in Microsoft platform. was thus created by them, in just 3 months, with the help of a few interns. Since then, there has been no looking back for Cuelogic.

They have also started a mobile apps division by the name Cueapps. They are now building NFC based mobile products which they intend to launch this year.

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