“Our apps are used by over half a million Facebook pages and the number is increasing by 3,000 every day.” - Rajat Garg, SocialAppsHQ


About SocialAppsHQ

We provide a cost effective marketing platform for businesses to acquire new customers and increase revenue per customer through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Market differentiator

Our application suite provides a one-stop solution for everything a small or medium business would need to acquire customers on Facebook. Also, our pricing is best in the industry.Idea Moment

During my interactions with SMBs, I figured that SMBs were seeking ways to acquire new customers via mediums like social and mobile. Hence, I started off with SocialAppsHQ.

Initial Capital

We started with one simple app and our initial cost was Rupees 10 lakh. We have now grown to 17 apps.


I did MS from Stanford University. Later, I worked at Amazon and a startup named DataSphere. Amazon gave me the opportunity to manage and grow several large scale businesses, and understand what goes behind powering a truly customer centric company. On the other hand, DataSphere gave me the opportunity to build several websites from scratch, scaling traffic to 1 million visits/month, customer service setup and much more.

On Clients

Our apps are used by over half a million Facebook pages and the number is increasing by 3,000 every day. Our prominent clients include Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, redbus.in, Cadbury India, Liberty Shoes, Fretzie Bercede, MeaCars, Quickflix and many more. We are also in talks with several companies in real-estate, ecommerce, and travel spaces. We have approximately 4.5 million visitors and 1500 leads delivered through our apps each day.

Revenue Model

We charge customers a fee for using our services on a monthly basis.

Expansion Plans

We are planning to offer off-the-shelf industry specific Facebook apps, especially for SMBs. We have launched our first vertical product ‘My Restaurant’ to help restaurants owners to leverage Facebook. This new app will help restaurant owners in acquiring new customers and helps in engaging with them to increase customers’ lifetime value. And, we are looking to hire geeks!

Know more about SocialAppsHQ here http://www.socialappshq.com/


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