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3000 users in less than 2 months

The e-commerce space has everyone on their toes in India and is one of the players looking to get on to this juggernaut. PriceBurp provides hand-picked and exclusive online deals to users. Having started out in the UK, PriceBurp has commenced operations in India recently. YourStory correspondent Jubin Mehta caught up with entrepreneur Nirav Dave, the founder of PriceBurp, to know more about the business idea.

When was PriceBurp started? How’s the response been so far?

PriceBurp has been operating in UK for the last one and half years. We have launched our Indian Website in the first week of June 2011. It’s been just a little over a month since we went live in India. So, it’s early days for us and we’d like to concentrate on building a strong platform here.

e-commerce is a rather crowded space now, with fresh ventures being launched every day. Who are you competing with?

Frankly, there are no direct competitors who are carrying out business the way we do. We do have indirect competitors in the field like and But these 2 players are catering to offline deals as well. We are different from our competitors because we are catering only to online deals. The Indian e-commerce market is emerging and we are sure that sticking to online deals is the way to growth in the near future.

What is your revenue model?

As mentioned earlier, we are fairly new and we’re still in process of getting there. We have tied up with various online merchants for exclusive deals. Currently, the revenue generated is pretty random on weekly basis. Our revenue model is through Google Adsense, affiliate income and coupon redemptions.

How many users have availed of this service till now? Also, how big is your team? Are you looking to expand?

In the last month or so, approximately 3000 people have used our site to avail free coupons and offers. Currently we are a team of 4 people. Yes, we are looking to expand but not before we set up a stronger base here.

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